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Hack 'n Slash Bullet Hell · By Mazu

Mazu Update 5/16

A topic by Mazu created 96 days ago Views: 31 Replies: 2
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Hey Everyone,

Hope all is well!

 The itch build has been updated again with new some new art, animations, and fine tuning on player values.

New Art and Animations:

  • Switched base bullets from total blue to a white and red gradient for better visibility
  • Added Dash Button on bottom right of HUD
  • Integrated Up and Down Attack Animation

Player Values:

  • Lowered player deadzone, so that it's now easier to strafe around enemies while executing melee combos
  • Increased dash cooldown
  • Lowered dash length
  • Parry timer decreased
  • Added Screen and Zoom Shake to on-hit effects

We hope that these changes make for a better play experience. Feel free to give any feedback you have so far about the demo. We have much more to come!



Hey, I met with you guys today at the Playcrafting event. Do you guys have a discord?


Hey, we do!

I'll post all of our social media links under the demo info too.