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The idea is gold
I really like the Vlambeer style of it too!

really fun, played with the developer

Really polished game
i unlocked the last gun :D

but the jump in difficulty between level 3 and 4 was a lot :D

ps: I'm in discord with SushiWaUmai#5351


thank you! I will

Thank you!
I didn't have enough time but i will add theese things later :)

I'm really exited for it :D

no the windows app :)

turns out i can play it but it's really slow because of my slow computer :( 

I wished there was a windows build

ooh, I'll play an after jam version :)

really nice visual :)

it took me 149 second to find the last one behind the yellow pill :)

keep up the good work

Cool concept :) but i want it to be more than just luck, maybe after both player rolled the dice they have to press repeatedly to move and the dice is your speed.

Amazing ART but not that much gameplay ;D

The opening was REALLY COOL!

the concept was really interesting.

I wish when captain said "get a hit" it wouldn't really damage me :D

keep up the good work.

when I open the game it's a gray screen with a loop of a sound effect :(

it's probably because of my slow computer :(

I rock! :D

also like the space oddity Cover :)

fun physic base game. it was a lot of fun :)

keep it up.

I'm using app and it wouldn't open it for me :(

Awsome ideas! I will work on them :)

Thank you very much <3

oops, i'll fix it later :)

and i want :D


Thank you very much :) I will

This was amazing! 

I like it sooo much and i really like to play a polished version of this!

so keep up the good work :D

fun concept! but in level  4 or 5 it says 6 target but there's only 4 target.

good job for 48 hours tho :)

for me game was broken, the UI and the sound

but i would like to play the finished product :)

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Nice idea!

it was a bit confusing and messy tho :D

if would've been  great if the map was bigger.

but really fun art style and so juicy ;) keep it up

wow, impressive for 48 hours !

my robot name was Iron fist :) and I left him to fight for me >:)

good job

if you had time check out my game too. <3

thaaanks :D


Nice !

Nice game, a bit confusing tho ;)

but fun

I think me and you had the same Idea, mix food with shooting :D

Cool Idea, Goes really well with auto clicker ;)

:D thanks

Wow so underrated

this game was really cooool :D

I want to see an extended version of this with levels :)

really good job <3

fun and creative

but the jumping was kind of annoying :D

but really cool and fun game

Very fun game!

killing was really juicy! :D

I wish it was more difficult tho

good job




Thanks :D


this was really fun

The first phase with arrows was my favorite!

good job