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Thanks for playing!

Yeah I thought it might be confusing, I ended up only having about a day to work on it so I didn't have time for the tutorial. You draw by dragging the mouse over the screen when you don't have a spell selected, you can unselect the spells either by clicking on them again or right click. I'll update it when I have more time to finish it.

Thanks for playing anyway :)

Thanks! I was planning to make powerups but... well I may have overscoped lol.

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

They still get weirdly stuck in a corner yeah, I didn't have time to fix that unfortunately xD. Thanks!

Amazing work for 48 hours, very fun to play!

Amazing work for 48 hours, very fun to play!

I think if the movement was faster or the rotation slower it might make for a really fun mechanic, it does definitely add challenge. The way it is the piece rotates a lot between pressing the key and reaching the target and the bouncy movement makes it harder to predict, so rather than making me act faster to pick a target before the rotation changes, it makes me slow down to time the movement, if that makes sense. It's not a bad mechanic overall, it just doesn't quite fit in with the rest yet.

It's fun! Yellow and green tiny bullets aren't a very good choice in terms of visibility, bigger bullets in obviously vibrant colours would have made it more fun. But still a really fun game

I like the idea and the visuals. Timing the rotation with the weirdly bouncy movement is a bit annoying,  and quite hard and breaks the flow a bit. Maybe you could have stopped rotation when the player presses an arrow key and lock it in that rotation?

The idea is great but it moves way too fast. Even knowing exactly what to do I was barely able to make the connections fast enough to not instantly die. 

It looks quite nice. Particularly the water effects. I'd recommend you adjust the animation of the plants to something more swaying, it doesn't really make sense to make the trees "breathing"... and is honestly a little bit creepy. Unless that's the intention, in that case well done.