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i loved the art style!

really fun! a bit laggy for me since it was played on the browser, but i still really enjoyed it! the clicking to move was a breath of fresh air from all the other games :)

thank you so much ;-; if you wanna talk random map generation i would love to help! i just looked up some tutorials and figured out the rest for myself hahahaha

thanks for the feedback! i don't know if i will be working on this further because i have other projects i want to attend to!

thank youu! your game looks awesome. i'm excited to play it!

i loved it!!! the shadow mechanic is really great. and the timer makes it even more puzzling!

i'm getting an error that says ".pck is missing" :((

the aesthetic and sonar were amazing. wandering around was only fun for the first few minutes. maybe add something for the player to do like things to interact with?

this is the only game that made me jump in real life when i got killed by the monsters the first time. my first run i found the key pretty fast but the following times i could never find it.

a bit laggy for me but overall it was really fun!

this could actually be a published game!

the game doesnt load for me :(

i like the double jump mechanic where he turns into a bat! i think you should add some jumps where he can use his normal jump though. i found myself only using the double jump

it was really fun! there is a bit of a glitch if i press a key that isn't enter at the start!

the puzzle solving was really fun! i think there was a bug with the menu screen because i only got the controls after beating the game.

it hurt my eyes but was an interesting concept! it was also a bit short.

loved the graphics! i have no idea what i'm supposed to do though...

it was fun and challenging!

it was fun! pretty hard to kill the ghost though.

it was fun! some of the hitboxes were a bit off though. for example, his right legs could touch walls but his left legs couldnt. but i really enjoyed the concept of keeping the mouse away from the spider!

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it was fun! i wish it was downloadable because whenever i played it in the browser it kept on restarting the level every time i picked up the coin (by this i mean it wouldnt turn red/activate the shadow mode) i could only get past levels randomly :( but i love the concept!

yeah i was pretty confused with the ui :/ thanks for the feedback and tips! i've just been catching up on sleep, but i will be rating the other games now!

i really should have added a heal feature! it completely slipped my mind :0 i was having a bit of a problem with adding a visual indicator so i used a sound indicator instead!

thanks! i was having a hard time figuring out how to set up the ui with unity :(

thanks for the feedback!

it was fun! interesting way of killing the enemies :)

thanks! the bug did come up while programming it, but it never occurred again so i put it off. i didnt have time to go back and check on it :((

 the download not working is completely my fault. it was 2 am and i forgot to zip it. it will be fixed in a few minutes after i upload the zip file!

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yeah sorry about that! the build wasn't properly made for browser and i think unity bugged out while it was being exported :( the download not working is completely my fault. it was 2 am and i forgot to zip it. it will be fixed in a few minutes after i upload the zip file!

(also it is randomly generated)

i love the aesthetic. just a tip i learned from other programmers, extend the hitbox of the platforms a bit to make jumping easier!