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Alt+F4 to quit downloaded version of game :P

Thank you ! Yeah the balancing is a bit tough to be sure

Great fun just making some stuff, lame or not lame XD

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Yep, I have picked it up again and started working on Chapter 2 story + map etc. it is going to be epic 😎

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These are beautiful

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Hello itchio friends!

This is my latest grand little game that I've made. A metroidvania adventure rpg-lite platformer with a short, but sweet little multi path story and a bombastic full orchestral score.

Looking for feedback, thoughts about the game and if there could be an interest for it. Took about 5 months full time to make and I am pursuing publishers and crowdfunding to see how I can continue work on it.

//Max Robert

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Please post your feedback on the game here if you like. All feedback is appreciated as long as it is civilized XD


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Truly fascinating and inspiring story. Well done!

Looking forward to more of your games man, was super impressed by your work at the ggj this weekend.🙂👍

This is our global game jam 2020 game. An educational pitch match game/protoype/concept.

 I made the animatic, music and singing, plus some unity programming.

Play the game here:

Intro here:

Team Tuning Fork:

Ludwig Ström : Lead Programmer
Karon Cannon: Story Writer
Viktor Granström: Technical Sound Designer
Valdemar Delding: Sound Designer
Max Robert Arnborg: Music Composer 2D Animatic Helper Programmer Singer

Special thanks to everybody for making it happen.

Best Regards,

Max Robert

Great game and wonderful trailer!

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Thank you DrGrognak. Yep the volumes could need some tweakin for the sfx. In regards to the music, I wanted to write more themes, another overworld theme but I had already written the first full score for orchestra plus extra instruments before i did the battle electro version so I thought, why not just capitalize on that, and add the two, electronic + orchestral versions together in the game. 

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Thank you! Great feedback. Yeah, the amount of empty space in the ui was there for all that modular, in the works, future stuff we could potentially want to add 😋😋😋

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Thank you! Definitely should be able to use inventory outside of battle, although limiting inputs has its quirks, like you haave to battle to use items 😄

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Thank you! Yes, we should lower friction on character(I suspect) as it is rigidbody2d. Perhaps do a kinematicbody move and slide instead.

A Great Game 👍

Great work Sam, am really loving these tiles

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If you do get a game crash on lvl 9 start... you can continue on main menu by choosing continue unless some new random caries bug has appeared <:O