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Hey, Sorry for the delay, do you have an email that I can send the google drive link to?

Ok, Hopefully I'll get it done in the next 3 days

I have emailed you this morning after my research period, took a bit longer than anticipated, so we can correspond through that.

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Loving the evolution the game mechanic, Hope I can contribute something meaningful towards this project. I just got back from work and am tired, but I'll make something and post progress before work tomorrow hopefully. Just to confirm, am I in charge of the entire character production pipeline? if so do you want the character to be roughly the same size as the unreal mannequin, and uses the same skeletal mesh just in case I can't produce original animations in time?

Just heads up, I'll try my best, but can't promise what I'll produce will be great due to doing overtime for the next 17 days, long 11-12 hour work day, but your game concept looks awesome, so I'd love to be a part of it.

Ok, show me screen shots of the assets in your game, or video gameplay, so I understand the style and proportions I should aim for, also, do you just need the character model, or also unwrapped, textured? 

As a warning, I am working overtime 11-12 hour shifts for the next 17 days, so I can only work on this a bit a day, so don't expect amazing work.

Hi, I like your game mechanics, I might be able to help a bit (FYI, I am currently working overtime IRL). If you have a clear direction for the art style it would help, but I think it looks nice so far, it has a neon cyberpunk theme to it.

Hi, I might be able to help, any concept art for what the character would look like?