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Oh yes, good job pixels 

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I hope not ... XD. Hello Pixels, Long time! I'm glad to see that you have moved up from graphics to game dev! well done bro. Hey, we want to work together on some games?

Hi Maria, I was shortly on the game jam team before we made our games separately. Anyhow I wanted to reach out to someone who is knowledgeable of ml, so that they can help me create a NN AI product. Can you message me back? 

This is a funny game. I giggled a little while reading the story.

Nope sorry, it did not work on my web browser. Perhaps it could be due to interfierance from extensions. I will try to play this game some time on my mobile bacause I see it is getting many positive reviews. I see you put effort in it, so I'll try to rate it b4 the deadline.

Please post this in the game description to avoide accidental bad ratings.

You dont need A* pathfinding for this game, but good effort. 

well, I got to 29,828. No more though. gotta play other game.

Seems this game has nothing to do with the theme description. Did you submit the correct game or is this a placeholder?

I am not going to rate. This game does not work on web.

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Leave a comment to let me know if you would like a multiplayer game for TAS. Through comments and support I see for this, I will be convienced to make the next TAS, but for now I do not have any future plans on making it multiplayer. (However, I might make it again several years in the future either way : ). Perhaps 10 years later?)  Nontheless, stay tuned for other exciting games coming from me in the future, and thanks for playing.

Then ... you suck.

Technically, that's not a win, stupid.

Job super well done. Well made game, fun to play. I'd suggest red colered enemy bullets to the dev.

used here:

This game makes me think of me as the machine learning robot, trying to figure out the correct combination of attributes  to pass a level. The game's a bit difficult though, and for some feedback, id like if the checkpints can be placed closer to where the player dies, or selects attributes.

This is a 2d isometric game, but do you guys think I should make a 2.5D game for the concept. Lmk, thanks.

Nice game. Good graphics... Good job guys.

Yes, just a very rough little demo for an idea i'd like to test out. Thanks for checking it out.

what are the slicing dimentions for this?

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oh, and arrow keys to move the camera

spacebar only, to launch from ground, and detach from fans.

Thank you for your encouraging words and support. Yes we noted bugs in the game but due to such a small time scale of the jam, we could not build and polish this version beyond this point. Sadly it will be a rather long time until we return to this project to expand on it, since we are at the moment busy with other projects, and the project needs heavy refactoring, which we didn't have time for. 

We are thinking of changing the game play mechanics and modes, and incorporating advanced ai, and multiplayer.

i really like the changing texture to the same levels. pretty cool feature


Challenging, but also short and simple. I absolutely love this game. 

there a re 8 total guns and skins, that's 1/8 chance of getting each each color. there are 64 total characters with a 1/8 chance of getting a gun of the color. Which means there is statistically 100% chance of getting  each of every gun. BUT, it can be that one gun was never randomly selected.

Very creative game. I enjoyed this one a lot

good job for submitting, but I couldn't figure out how to play it. :o)

how do i get out of the box? well done btw

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nice job, i didnt play it thru, but how do i upgrade? i kept dying 

Good job tho. Highly rated.

The music is so pleasant and calming, so is the artwork. This game is also relatable to me in many ways.

The music is so pleasant and calming, so is the artwork. This game is also relatable to me in many ways.

Hey, I really enjoyed your game, but I kept dying in the end :.(

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the music is by my discord friend ... private track, some of the linked art was not used. Taro dev's sample menu project to create menu really fast, Vortexian Font cc0 from

53% correct and I guessed all of it

this game doesn't suck

cant get past lvl 3

ahh ok, i finally figured it out over several seconds that i am not supposed to hit those brains? nice use of shaders. it's fun