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Just pushed an update, let me know if you are able to progress now!

Ah yes, I think there are some remnants of the save system that may have broke some stuff. Ultimately I didnt go all in and implement saves, but if you need to try and reset saves, it should be in AppData\LocalLow\Hoversport Studios

I think so. Try going to Users/[your windows user]/Appdata/LocalLow/HoverSportStudios/ and deleting Reed The Robotanist Plus?

This is for windows

It says I need "RPGVXAce"? I cant launch it

yeah I have no idea why Unity's like that lol, even when I was correcting for it, it was entirely guess and check so I don't blame you for not wanting to go thru the hassle 😂

But yeah great work!

Very Interesting! I think you really nailed the feeling of being in a dream with this. Especially in that second ending, the way that the building's layout seems to shift, and the way that the shopkeep character seems to shift. Also the storytelling is spot on when it comes to dreams. The way that your character suggests things and everybody kind of rolls with it and then suddenly things very subtly shift is exactly like how a dream feels! Reminds me a bit of that David Lynch movie, Mulholland Drive, in that sort of way!
Weirdly, I had the opposite issue as the other commenter, on the web player the mouse movement was too sensitive. I think thats just the nature of porting games to the web player, before I added sensitivity options in my game, I had to manually turn it way down when porting it to web

I think deleting your saves might fix it. I unfortunately programmed all of that very terribly, as I was still really new to doing save systems

On winter days, find him in the Meadow level (the one with the Powerlines)

Will look into it if I get time. Did you happen to have multiple versions of the game at any time? ie- get the game on super rare games mixtape then steam? It may cause a desync in the stats, you can at least reset it by deleting the save in your appdata folder if that's the case

Have you helped the shrimp?

thanks for checking it out!

The cursor should be locking on browser, In my testing I tried Edge and Firefox and the mouse only unlocked when you press escape or access the settings with P, so it might be a browser thing. If that's the case, could you let me know what browser you are using so I can look into that?

The shadowman shouldn't be taking items, only teleporting you. If he does then that's a strange bug I need to double check! He operates on a consistent cycle system, so if you can figure out how he works you can avoid him 😉

The music is by Oliver Buckland and Graham Kartna

Anyways thanks again for playing!!

Im gonna make the horrific mistake of seeing what happens when you leave this going overnight

I think this might need some additional download instructions. I was able to get it working *I think* after moving a doom 2 copy to the root folder, but I think theres still some assets that arent loading correctly?

Just double checking, can entries be made for multiple jams?
My project for LSDJam this year was created with both in mind, sorry I didn't think to ask sooner

Hm, if I find the time, I might make that a bit easier. You're starting from the top of those pillars right?

It's a bit tricky, I think your speed might be faster moving diagonally if that helps?

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Sorry, I should have specified the controls in the description: "E" is interact

I'll try to make something that tells you in-game when I post the Linux/Mac builds

EDIT: In-game controls screen is up along with music, Linux/Mac Builds, and more sound FX!

Really Fun! Cant wait to see more!
Biggest things i'd like to see next are more environment art, a health bar, and a visual indicator on where the arena actually ends

will definitely be following this one

Bigfoot is a more complex creature than you may realize ;)

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Dont look at the wendigos
Go into the ski lodge to turn on power

Sorry ya had a bad time, but thank you for giving us a shot!

Hope we can help!

Thank you for giving us a shot!
Full disclosure, I dont have a linux machine of my own (outside of my raspberry pi), so let me know if you have any trouble installing!

I dont believe there will be any version-specific glitches, however (theres a list of well-known bugs that Im gearing up to patch soon, though)

Thank you so much for playing!

Thanks for playing!
It was a miracle that we got the physics to work at all in the time limit we had lol


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I got this on switch because it looked cool, and gotta say, it really is!

Its a simple 3D platformer, no BS about it!

I'm having issues adding images to my devlog, it wont seem to actually upload anything when I press upload?

Amazing work Bepis, this truly is the Skyrim of Undertale

Pretty good. I love the atmosphere, that first scare got me, but didnt feel cheap. I was not able to figure out the Bookshelf Puzzle

This turned out well. I think its really unique that you guys managed to make a monster that glows bright purple actually scary!
Only complaints: Picking up pages from the floor is difficult sometimes, and its hard to actually get to read them because the monster can attack you while the notes screen is up

Very well done guys! The animation is great! The collision is a little buggy, but other than that It feels like you guys achieved everything you wanted to do with this!

Raccoon has 2 c's and some of the menus get that wrong, I am really sorry for pointing that one out

Amazing! I dont even know steven universe and I had fun!
Only issues: Sometimes its hard to tell if a switch has been switched. Also the first time i launched the game i spawned outside of the map and kept dying. Thankfully it seemed to fix itself.
Sometimes the scissor sound effect overlaps itself, but it made me laugh, so dont fix it

Great work! Very Professional feeling!
I think that just adding hit-reactions and I-frame to the enemies would make this go from good to amazing no problem.

Only complaint: The "tower" is just a room with portals. Dont even go upwards! Cmon guys, thats not a tower! Thats a room!

Overall, I really enjoy the concept, and "Yeeting" the "meat" is really funny.
I had an issue where I couldn't attack with the bat after a successful yeet, I dont know if this was just on my end or not.
Also the Unreal Auto Exposure made the final level go really dark if you look the wrong direction
overall, great work guys!

The visuals of this game are really strong. My only big issue is that the jumping feels off, theres not a whole lot of air-control outside of attacking mid-flight to cut the jump short

The other issues i would have are just nitpicks like the fact that the attack is actually right click, not left

Proud of you guys! the hydra was rlly cool!

Fun game! It gets frustration as a game mechanic *just right*. Its doesnt go too far with the idea to the point where i'd give up, and the ending is satisfying!

Pretty good! The bosses were weirdly too easy, but I had fun!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, really good sounds! Idk if the stuff was stock sound effects, but whatever you used was great!

This game is satisfyingly fast. Had a blast!

Really frickin cool! I love the artstyle a whole lot, and the metroidvania progression was done really well! When I got the rocketlauncher, I almost missed the fire orb because I nearly just rocket jumped to the end. I kind of ended up getting the flame orb by rocket-jumping into the area you're supposed to leave to get it too, oops. But yeah other than some sequence breaking glitches, really solid game, I loved the surreal enemies and all that. I also liked both endings alot, though I would have prefferred a level dedicated to the one where you eat the melon