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Hi itch!

I have released an early version of Globe Clicker 2, a geographic quizz based on great NASA satellite photos.

Globe Clicker 2 is the sequel to the successful Globe Clicker 1 released on the Xbox 360 in 2009.

With this early access release, I'm looking forward to having an open development, and collecting user feedback. For this first version, a minimal set of features is implemented, the full list of planned features is detailed in the game page.

The final version will be 3D-based, with a spherical globe that the player can rotate and zoom. It will also include night-time satellite photos and country borders.

What do you think about Globe Clicker ?

This YouTube trailer showcases the Xbox360 version of Globe Clicker 1 :

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Nice graphics and and nice concept!

Your chess board is wrong, the bottom right left square (playing from white) must be black not white! Also, the king and queen initial positions are not correct, they must be swapped.

Thank you.

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I've just released Chess In Space, my first game on I used to work on Xbox 360 games with their Xbox Indies service these previous years, and I'm now developing for the PC.

Chess In Space is a full featured implementation of the timeless board game, featuring offline play against the computer with the Stockfish engine, and local multiplayer against a human opponent, among beautiful space-themed environments.

With this Open Beta release, I'm looking for feedback and for compatibility testing. There is no minimum price for the beta. Any purchase will give access to future updates.

I'm a bit excited with this first release on