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Maximiliano Muena

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My Profile page show this message around a day and half, but i dont know why, it set randomly or what? How long will it take for my page to return to normal?

This is the message:

This page needs to be reviewed by a moderator before it can go live. It should be available shortly. Why? In order to prevent abuse sometimes we need to delay publishing a page for additional review.

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In one way thats the idea of the game, as commun denominator the little engines are used to make little games very casual but in this sense im propose some much bigger trying to explore the max allows the fantastic engine ‘’pocket platformer’’. So thank u for share you opinion <3 i really apreacciate that and have a nice day <333

I really love it! <3 Very well made those platformers levels!!

Thank you very much, I have waited for this. I hope there is no problem with using the engine in a pedagogical way. 💖💖💖

In my games (found in my profile) I have used very basic engines that are used for people who do not know anything about programming and who understand very little English language these are: Twinery, Bitsy, Bitsy 3d, Flickgame and some that I have not tried even Môsi, Tuesday JS and Herobook simple version. I hope this info helps!

Damn, its so good and very creative. 🤝

Global warming ?

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Gracias por tus comentarios y por ayudar como beta tester, se vienen mas juegos en los que colaboraremos! <3

wooww, amazing


Thank u so much. Im very happy that you enjoyed it.

I love it, so cute the desing of rooms <3

Wow, the ambient is really accomplished, and the history interact really well with the objects and if desings. <3 keep in that way