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This should be tagged with tentacles.

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Oh, seems like clicking continue from mainmenu does actually  work as it should but continuing(or loading) from save screen doesn't.

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When an event is at a point where it adds stuff going to mainmenu or save menu and then continuing will make it add stuff again.

Being blown by female goblin after catching and putting her down doesn't do anything and can happen even with chastity cage.

Kylira doesn't actually take your ass virginity when you let her kiss you it only adds 10ml of cum to ass and a questlog entry while virginity field still says "for now" meaning you can have 2 ass virginity loss entries in the questlog.

Phantasmal shield shows full incantation icon when learning it and allows entering the stance but since it's actually a normal incantation entering full incantation stance leaves you stuck with doing nothing.

Grappling skills don't mention how they try to affect grapple status (ie. choke and hold in wrestling stance have identical descriptions). Similar thing for sex skills there's really no way to judge which sex skills I should use or get if stamina use is the only thing mentioned.

The task of "Push your animatroid carrier so that it's close to water and fungols." was pretty confusing since I had no idea what it meant by carrier or fungols. Fungols I figured were the growing spore things after pickin one up and looking at the tooltip but it took me a while to figure out that the animatroid carrier meant the shaking box you start close to.

After you've grabbed all the other girls around 5 or more times she starts to appear.(might need to be in one session since I don't see her after restarting despite all the counts in the menu being high enough or could be it has some other requirement that you probably meet by the time you've grabbed everyone else a few times).

Seems really nice for the most part but would it be possible to make it scale so that it'd show all of map with no need to scroll around at all instead of the weird way it works now where if I make the screen tall but thin it'll scale to show full height of the map or if I make the screen wide but short I can see horizontally everything and just need to scroll up and down.

Or if for some reason that's harder than it should be you could just make the map images smaller.

Seems promising, adding some more gameplay would be nice.

If there were some ways to distract students making it so that you should avoid being seen by other students could be an interesting thing to add.

Also I feel like if you had to decide when to release the girls and deciding which locker to use mattered there could be some interesting things that could happen.

Well if your rolls can have around 18/22 attempts fail(get hit, miss) I think you should reduce the size of the random rolls bag or something.

Could that be because it's bright white text on black? I recall reading that some people have trouble reading text if it's like that and it'd be better if it was grey on black.

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Yeah, seems impossible to me, tried it three times, first time I was lucky and survived long enough to figure out how it probably should be done but the 2nd and 3rd time I simply died despite doing everything seemingly right. Maybe you should adjust how often you are allowed to get bad rolls(assuming you are using a random bag system or similar to prevent extremely lucky/unlucky streaks).

I'm curious how did you manage to make the music not sound so much like a midi track? It sounds way better than anything I've gotten with abundant-music.

Is it possible to use query strings in the game page? Something like and get the embedded html5 game to see it? Or just being able to set them in the options of the file to embed would be nice.

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I got 1704 people before I decided to stop and finally get around to playing Skyward Collapse.

Some way to destroy water tiles besides just letting them get attacked would be nice.  To not make it too easy maybe if you unconnect 1-3 tiles from rest of the land(by building and then deconstructing around them) they'd collapse by themselves.

Overtime I noticed that amount of wood spawned was always too little but I suppose you are meant to use apple trees for that but in a large settlement they seem like too much trouble, auto harvester getting the wood from depleted apple trees might help with that.