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Oh! Figured out what caused Always on Top to stop working, changing the monitor used breaks it(Switched to display 2 and then back to display 1).

Oh, it does seem to always be on top now, not sure how I got it to not be, probably something weird I did, sorry.

Also ability to change drive/location of the music folder would be nice.

Very cool.


  • She blends into white backgrounds, outline or dark dress option?
  • Always on top setting(I do have AHK, script that lets me do that but not needing it would be nice).
  • Option to hide WinAMI window but keep playing.
  • Just pressing enter while typing a question for Math Orb to ask it.
  • Being able to be put inside a window so bottom of one acts as floor would be cool.
  • Somehow set show in taskbar to false and notifyicon to true so that just leaving it on is more natural.
  • Timed alarms/notifications you can set would be neat.

When describing the room it says ", with a bed shaped out of rock, and barred with bars made out of room." based on next line I assume the last word is supposed to be wood.

Anyway cute game! Only complaint I'd have is some of the endings could've been worded to be more clearly endings. Like the one you get by selecting drink>>body>fight which just says "Valiant initiative was not unseen by the goblin community inspiring their confidence in the leader." which to me left me surprised when "The end" was the next line. Adding something like "for years to come." to the end of sentence would have made it clearer that it's an ending and not telling you about a stat change or something.

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Nice game.

Very minor but having the zip include a folder for the game would be nice so that extracting it to a folder that isn't empty won't cause a mess.

Also Staff and Other being same category isn't ideal.

Looking forward to Sunday!

Cool, just to be clear while all that sounds awesome I'd have been happy with just the text of the restart option being different.

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Interesting! Understanding the way spiraling up/down works took a bit. Figuring out what kind of pathing would be most efficient is an interesting challenge. Something kind of minor I think you could have done is make at least winning runs replace the restart option with sleep or something to make it seem more like it's all part of same continuum and each run is just another day.

Also thanks for reminding me about Lirael, reading it gave me bunch of cool ideas I'd almost forgotten about.

Huh? I can walk through corners, what kind of heresy is this? And as I expected that means attacking diagonally through a walls works too. And no running through corridors until something interesting? While I'm slightly disappointed those are quite understandable as things to cut due to time constraints. Overall great game and like it a lot, especially the atmosphere that the sounds and graphics wonderfully make.

Non-rectangular rooms don't seem to always reveal properly in the map. Not sure how I feel about the way going above max hp using herbs works, I expected max hp to increase instead of only current hp, I suppose if it did getting full hp on level up might be too good.

Health regen as long as you aren't starving makes Mystery Dungeon games feel quite different despite playing the same in other ways(though I'd have reported being able to see further than 1 tile in corridors as a bug)

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Awesome! Decided to keep a log of sorts as I played(spoilers obviously)

    Run 1, Oh, is the tutorial over already? Cool, I can break barrels with 2 sticks. Saw a snail, got shot at by something and died while admiring the snail.

    Run 2, Right, running is a thing, and it seems to destroy grass, cool. died to being a shot at by some dude.

    Run 3, Barrels can be pushed, and you can break them if you push them into spikes, oops, spikes kill you.

    Run 4, Oh, sticks can be thrown! A chest! How do I open it? Lots of soil patches, each a home for some sort of  underground monster, they don't care about barrels or chests. Pushed chest into a bad spot and when trying to get it back I got killed by Ant Lion.

    Run 5, Oh, the entrance trees have eyes in them! Saw a spider, threw a stick at it, is it dead? Oh, the guy with the gun, let's back away while I figure out what to do, oh he walks faster than me and he's called a Witch Hunter, probably should have ran instead of just walking away.

    Run 6, threw a stick at some small creature, it died. A lady with a skull icon above her! She keeps stalking me but walks slower than me so I don't even need to run but I do so anyway. A farmer? And another lady but without a skull icon both behind a door along with a trophy and a cauldron. Probably should do something about the lady following me but haven't found more sticks. Or wait, she's friendly? Or not, I bumped into her and after stopping and nothing happening turned my back to her and went to pick up a stick and got killed.

    Run 7, A witch hunter trapped behind wood walls and dashable pit, skull icon seem to indicate being aware of me, tried seeing if getting the hunter to shoot at a wall repeatedly would destroy a wall seems not but did he run out of ammo? Cool. Spider that's stuck? It overlaps a tiny bit with a wall and isn't moving, oh, it moves out to kill me alright.

    Run 8, Another lady! I'll figure you out yet! Ran straight at her and caused her to to do exclamation mark and hm sound before skull icon appeared. Yeah, she just follows me without doing anything and I can safely push her around, I guess she needs weapon to attack and last time took and used the stick before I did. Pushed her into spikes. A cauldron? I can push it around but that's it? It breaks on spikes. Another lady but with a stick, can she throw it? I should be careful. There's snail, bunch of puddles that indicate it's path and a corpse with a trophy on top of it. Another slime but one that died moving into spikes or something. Ooh, a gun, in a shop? Is that the shopkeeper? I thought it was tree roots or something. I can push her around, but not quite into nearby spikes since she seems to move harder the further away she is, or wait, I can run, yeah she's dead but so am I.

    Run 9, Only way forward is through a door, I guess I'll figure out how they work now. Walking or running at one does nothing, stick breaks it though, and alarms the farmer in the room. Oh, you can pick up bones, can't throw or attack with them though. Door alarms seem to be range based, leaving the room alarmed some tiny turbaned thing. Campfires are just obstacles. I see more rooms, ones with a swaddled babies or something. Found a cauldron, maybe enemy remains can be put into it if you can't attack with them, oh, running past a room with enemies alerted by the door bell caused one of them to throw a stick, the door is kind of weirdly positioned outside the "doorway". Cauldron makes noise if I have remains in hand when bumping into it but that's it. Huh? Did the farmer behind the door escape containment, yep and now the the villager who was behind him threw her stick too through the diagonal gap and hit something that exploded. Cool, the explosion I mean. Huh, was the door always that far out? Can enemies push doors or what? Seems so, I can now get into the room. Oh, it is a baby! And into the cauldron it went, I thought it might just make noise like remains do. Oh, now remains can go in, and all I get is another purple orb, just running over grass gives plenty of those, probably missing something. Interesting the earlie explosion destroyed wall of another room but the enemy in it is still busy pushing the door open. Is the campfire enough to make her think she can't get out? Missed and broke the door instead of her. She refuses to follow me through an Ant Lion field. I'm out of sticks, oh yeah, you could pick up barrel remains couldn't you? I hope pushing them into spikes won't get me killed. Or wait, you can't attack with them? I guess the villager would have already picked the ones explosion caused if that was the case. I might be in trouble. I can't throw babies so I taunt the lady with one for a bit and try to get her to pick it up before I throw the baby into another cauldron, this time one I've tried putting all other items into before dropping them nearby, probably doesn't matter but who knows. Still got just a purple orb, I was busy trying to throw third item into cauldron so didn't even really see anything and only the orb count in the UI tells me what happened. Can't pickup sticks from campfires. There are some chests I'd like to try pushing into spikes but they're all against the wall in unpushable position so I guess I'll just push barrels into spikes, oh, that was an explosive barrel? No cause of death reported for dying to explosion.

    Run 10, Need to be careful to not run out of sticks before I break what seemed like the exit. Seeing nothing new so far, hmm, can you break open chests? Yep, and they leave behind remains, guess I'll try adding it to cauldron with a baby, usual result. Died to a villager when she got to a stick before me.

    Run 11, Snails die to sticks. Failed to dodge a farmers stick.

    Run 12, Ah, so many sticks spent dealing with one villager lady, first I missed and learned that sticks just keep flying forever until they hit something, then I ran across Ant Lions to grab a stick but when coming back there was another stick near the villager so rushed to throw my stick at her and I was left confused about what happened, both of us lived, I think I dodged her stick while my stick just disappeared, it could be that her stick broke mine or something, if so cool but could use some sort of visual effect to indicate it and it might be better if both sticks broke. After that I finally managed to get a stick and succesfully kill her. Interesting, a coin and a barrel entirely walled off by trees and woodwalls. Woops, accidentally ran into spikes.

    Run 13, Ooh, pitchforks turn into sticks after one throw. Oh, died to a snail in a barrel.

    Run 14, Probably should leave spiders alone if they aren't actually blocking me or I discover a need for their corpses. Yeah, while I probably could avoid dying to a barrel snail if I'm careful when pushing one into spikes exploding barrels are a different matter.

    Run 15, Snail and a farmer with pitchfork, decided to just wait until snail killed the farmer, it worked! Huh, did he drop a stick and a pitchfork? Running across spikes wasn't a thing so I'd need an axplosive or something to get two coins behind spikes and trees. Uu, a gun from a chest! Another shop, with two kinds of staffs. Ok you buy by bumping into the shopkeeper. Oh, this staff creates trees? And destroys them! The other staff blows things up, probably good thing I didn't try stealing it since the shop keeper had one too. Tried killing a witch hunter but failed.

    Run 16, Another witch hunter right off the bat, 6 bullets or two bursts seems to be the limit, and sticks cancelling each other is indeed a thing and there's a small effect for when that happens, some sound that clearly communicates it would be nice. No way forward again? Broke a barrel and got shotgun? No, just a single bullet gun, tried breaking 3 chests with it and broke just one, managed to push chests into position where I can't push them further or get the whatever item one of them dropped. Right, enemies push doors, I guess I'll have to now wait for that. Oh, somehow playing around with a farmer trying to get it to keep pushing he decided to throw pitchfork at the door, yay. Well dang, after a scrappy fight of rushing at whatever sticks I could find to kill the farmer with we ran into a witch hunter and just as I was thinking about potentially baiting him into shooting the farmer I got shot.

    Run 17, Chests can indeed be broken with spikes, got explody staff, probably should test if there's limited charges. 2 teleport staffs! They do run out of charges, cauldrons recharge them? Or is it just time? Or not? At least explody staff seems to be out after 3 uses and no recharging but teleports still... worked, maybe cauldrons take charges but the one staff I ran out of charges with worked one after I bumped into active cauldron but now none of them work after repeating that with all of them so not sure what's going on. Huh, why am I out of purple orbs? Does recharging a staff take all of them? Oooh! Staffs take purple orbs to use. Time to go to next level after I've broken the remaining barrels safely using sticks. Oh, I probably could have broken out one of the witch hunters using a red barrel, oh well. Oh my! At least 6 villagers/farmers! And I'm dead.

    Run 18, Probably should start focusing on progressing instead of messing around with everything. Got shot by a witch hunter from offscreen, I did hear him but I thought I'd at least see him before dying.

    Run 19, Decided to risk breaking a barrel on spikes and got a single use gun. 3 spiders all grouped up and 2 shops next to each other blocked by trees, is the level generator ok? Died to a spider that suddenly decided to move.

    Run 20, Died to a villager after sneakily killing one alerted two others.

    Run 21, Died again in a similar situation, this time to picking up remains instead of a stick from the 1st villager I killed.

    Run 22, Villager I left alone at the start either heard me kill a farmer from like 2 screens away or just wandered there on her own and killed me.

    Run 23, Made a long line of barrels and pushed them into spikes, first and last one had snails, luckily managed to avoid dying to last one. Is there point to cauldrons once babies ran out? Found, a black bottle? Aah! Spiders are easy to forget about, they just sit there not moving.

    Run 24, feels like a whole village is around, while running around in panic game lagged or something and suddenly I was dead to spikes. Probably should restart the game.

    Run 25, game feels faster after restart.

    Run 27, baby + black potion gives single use gun. Underestimated kickback from explody staff and died to Ant Lion.

    Run 28, a knife! The only cauldron got broken by a witch hunter, probably makes the baby useless. A torch, no idea what it could be used for. Seems like I've started killing spiders whenever I can, no more dying to forgetting about them at least.

    Run 29, baby + gun is machine gun. Oh, black potion is a bomb. Machine gun has around 6-8 bursts of ammo. As nice as knife is decided to take teleport staff to next level. Woops, accidentally broke a cauldron while trying to destroy a door, no babies around so doesn't matter though. Shopkeepers can be killed with snails, not dying yourself is hard though.

    Run 30, little turbaned guys are apparently named Child.

    Run 38, Oh, you can push snails around with barrels! baby + bomb is (still) a single shot gun(forgot I'd already done that when I still thought of it as potion).

    Run 39, Spiders kill villagers!

Done playing for now, should do other stuff, definitely will play again.

Couple of ideas/suggestions I had:

  • Pulling/Grabbing or otherwise making moving things around feel more controlled and natural might be nice.
  • Game keeping track of sticks and other items I've come across(could mean touched, picked up or just seen) could be nice since they're such an important resource that determines if you can progress or not so being able to look at the UI and see that I still have sticks left somewhere on the level would be great but it's not super important.
  • Sticks being unique in their throwableness feels a bit weird, having a dedicated throw button might be worth considering.

Decently done and rather charming, had fun despite how simple it is.

Web build causes the character to shoot off wildly in whatever direction I move. Desktop build works fine.

I assume needing to press enter after each key press and needing to input a ton of menu commands to have time to see what's in them isn't normal being able to queue movement commands is interesting though.

Tried it on win 7.

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Not bad, overall feels and looks good. I did kind of wish there was something more you could do to determine how battles go, something like being able to peek at rooms and decide if you actually want to do that fight or being able to position your characters before the battle or something.

Also at first I assumed you couldn't go back to rooms you've visited but once I realized you can I assumed that I could just walk past a heart room and come back later to heal.

Edit:Couple of other things, seeing the health of your slimes when deciding on a level reward would be nice due to full heal being an option. Not sure if needing to unequip items from low health slimes to not lose them when they die is a good mechanic and in general changing equipment mid combat to suit the specific enemy slime is fighting feels weird.

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"You can hover a blob to know its HP" Exactly, moving a mouse over the blob is "work" I wished it didn't show the hp or the hp number was always visible.

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Very nice, like it a lot, understanding how vision worked took a bit but it was neat once I understood it.

Thinking about and discovering use cases for splitting was interesting.

Atk speed stat is slightly hard to understand as is how armor works(it seems to not be a flat damage reduction).

A more obvious and clear hp displays could have been nice, or you could have just hidden it entirely and made vision the only info you get, it being there but needing to "work" to get the exact number is somewhat annoying.


Is there any reason to choose one exit/gate over another?

I wish passive cards weren't as much of a bother, I can't tell at a glance if a new card is passive or not and even if I could I'd still need to move selection away from the passive card. Having a separate unselectable section for passives might be better. Currently I'd recommend playing with an autohotkey script or something that constantly scrolls up for you.

Using cards in quick succession seems to sometimes make only one card play.

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"I didn't recognize what i found as a rune. " probably the case, they look like gems(since I didn't finish doing graphics for all of them) and there's an unlabeled count for how many of them you have and how many are in the room total,

For why you can't do certain things I'm assuming you're mainly talking about not being able to use Leap despite it not being grey(or not knowing why it is grey) and possibly the first number next to a spell indicating it's rune/gem cost might not be as clear as it could be.

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Gah, I'm tired and apparently thought that game not going past title screen was my PC just being laggy before I got distracted, that's now fixed.

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Current bugs I know about:

leaping and slipping around defeated monsters can probably result in weird behaviour

time doesn't pass in rooms you aren't in leading to some slight weirdness, especially when it's dark.

hunter's DIG probably still doesn't work correctly always

leap cooldown can be weird

I hope you'll update this to work with newer version of Godot at some point.

Having thought a bit more about it I realized that having the fairy sort of gently puppeteer you around as her mount/plaything or such could be really nice. Something like using some sort of telekinesis, telepathy, strings or just words to make you move to her will in a way that requires your cooperation(because there are already characters for forcing you to move exactly as they want so more gently doing a similar thing seems fitting and the fairy complaining and/or magically whipping you when you fail to cooperate sounds nice to me). Could even turn her into major character with a relationship meter but just having it as one or two time thing would be fine. If a fairy became a more major of character question of how would they accompany you if and when they need to is an interesting one, fairies typically being somewhat loose about their physical form means that shrinking and becoming somewhat intangible and going into your ear and possibly further in is a potentially fun option though just hiding in your hair or such would be a more natural way of discreetly staying with you, unbirth is also an interesting option. 

Regardless more events for the fairy tree in whatever form they might take would be nice to see since I ended up feeling like there should be something more to it than just resting there after I unlocked it as location(obviously there already might be something that I just haven't seen yet).

Played this for a while and figured I'd give my feedback now despite not having seen all the content since I'm starting to get distracted by other things and I'm not sure when I'll continue playing.

If there's anything you could do to make each action or turn take even a bit less time it'd be great, the game is kind of grindy which isn't necessarily bad but definitely amplifies how annoying things being a bit slower than they need to be feels.

I haven't actually worked with Ren'Py and know nothing about how you've set things up so this is just a random idea that might help with the problem I mentioned, if you are deleting and recreating the enemy sprites between battles, you could try doing that only when changing area so that once you're in an area the start of each battle doesn't need to take as long(or if there's another reason for why starting a battle takes so long I'd be glad if you addressed whatever that reason is).

Some way to disable, skip or speed up most battle animations would be nice, having paid attention it seems like you've done that to some extent(most spell animations seem to get cut off if you click during them) but it took me being about to suggest you add something like that for me to notice that so more could be done to communicate it and make it feel better. Making the animation finish and/or the next line appear as soon as I click would make things feel more responsive. Potentially decent option that I thought of would be to have the turn animations play in order independently of the line you are on so that you don't need to interrupt reading or deciding what action to do next just to wait for the animation to be done(if getting a message just about casting a spell while the enemy's attack animation's playing feels weird you could try having one message for all actions in the turn). But who knows what'd be best, a disable animations toggle in the options or such might be better in the end.

Needing to move the mouse across the screen depending on if you want to cast a spell or do something else isn't ideal, keyboard shortcuts for at least the left side buttons would be nice.

Anyway, for the actual story content I really like what the game is going for and there were several situation that got me to excitedly imagine what'd happen only to be sort of disappointed and think oh, well maybe later. Here are the notes I wrote about most of them:

  • Lucan dragging me off was kind of sus, I was expecting it to be a trap or at least have some nefarious purpose behind it.
  • Magical Toy Wonderland's first quest was kind of disappointing, with how evasive the guy was being initially I was expecting it to be lewder than it ended up being(I expected magical toys to include some sort of lewdness either in their use or making them instead of them just being able to talk(I suppose them talking in a more perverted/suggestive way instead of just cursing would have satisfied my expectations slightly)). Being (temporarily) turned into talking toy would be hot and would kind of explain the way the the balloon was talking, I suppose something like that could be a later quest. For convincing a fairy I was expecting to have to either please the fairy or maybe entertain one by doing something lewd. Getting a berry for the fairy also had potential for something interesting though not overtly so(having a choice between a normal berry and something different with some sort of special effect could have been neat and I suppose instead of eating she could have wanted to do something else with a berry, also image of a fairy with a stuffed stomach could have been nice)
  • Morden wanting me to come to his lab made me wish for something interesting to happen. Being told to carry around a demonic stone with unknown runes was interesting until he said that he just wants me to ask around for translations but he could have just given a paper that has copy of the runes so there's still a chance that it's just an excuse to get me to hold on to it and show it to people which could potentially have interesting consequences(ie. the stone could be meant for forming some sort of contract for slavery, marriage or such or it could have some sort of effect on the carrier)
  • Magical Toy Wonderland's shoe quest made me think of lots of interesting ways things could go, ending up body swapping into the "wife" and being under the influence of it's programming to some extent(could be simply as having the skills and know how without any requirements for behaviour or as conditional compulsion to act out programmed behaviour) would be nice and while continuing to play as it while potentially leaving your original body for Nel could be nice it might be too much work so just having some way to get back to your body and either leaving the doll dysfunctional or getting the assistant to take your place(as a way to pay his debt or sort of escape it or just because) might be easier way to make it more enjoyable for at least me.
  • Both when Nel was first done and when the slimegirl was done I expected them to not actually have left and just somehow still be with Celia. If there isn't already, might be nice to have some similar situation like that where she's wrong about having been left alone and free. Maybe with some other character since for slimegirl just not leaving and staying around in an obvious way would be more reasonable than her somehow hiding inside your ass/pussy or such and for Nel there are various events of Nel being around unexpectedly that already kind of do similar things but not sure what exactly I'd even want to happen now that I've thought about it more, I guess some sort of, "Hah, you thought I was gone but I'm still around and in control, I just decided to leave you be for a bit." situation.
  • Library mentioning a lack of gameover scenes or such was actually kind of disappointing, is that an intentional choice of not wanting to reward losing/playing badly or just due to not having had the time or motivation to make such scenes? If it's the former there are some ways to do the scenes that'd typically be gameover scene without actually requiring you to lose a battle, something like just entering a monster nest willingly could work. Also something similar to the battles that you do need to lose could be nice, it's kind of weird to be able to just wait forever while monsters play with you without anything really changing so something like after two to four orgasms the enemies win and you get a scene of them having their way with you until they are satisfied.
  • I really liked the scene where you get the dildo from Nel and the scene where you try using it on your own, made me look forward to/hope for when you end up getting in the habit of asking/letting Nel to use it for you.

As for graphics I really like the style that the map's town graphics are made in. Wondering why I specified town made me realize that while nice on their own the trees are perhaps a bit too busy and detailed and aren't as pleasing to look at as other things(trees during battles do look nice).

Overall the game is nice and made me more interested in possession content than I was before so that's great.

This should be tagged with tentacles.

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Oh, seems like clicking continue from mainmenu does actually  work as it should but continuing(or loading) from save screen doesn't.

(1 edit)

When an event is at a point where it adds stuff going to mainmenu or save menu and then continuing will make it add stuff again.

Being blown by female goblin after catching and putting her down doesn't do anything and can happen even with chastity cage.

Kylira doesn't actually take your ass virginity when you let her kiss you it only adds 10ml of cum to ass and a questlog entry while virginity field still says "for now" meaning you can have 2 ass virginity loss entries in the questlog.

Phantasmal shield shows full incantation icon when learning it and allows entering the stance but since it's actually a normal incantation entering full incantation stance leaves you stuck with doing nothing.

Grappling skills don't mention how they try to affect grapple status (ie. choke and hold in wrestling stance have identical descriptions). Similar thing for sex skills there's really no way to judge which sex skills I should use or get if stamina use is the only thing mentioned.

The task of "Push your animatroid carrier so that it's close to water and fungols." was pretty confusing since I had no idea what it meant by carrier or fungols. Fungols I figured were the growing spore things after pickin one up and looking at the tooltip but it took me a while to figure out that the animatroid carrier meant the shaking box you start close to.

After you've grabbed all the other girls around 5 or more times she starts to appear.(might need to be in one session since I don't see her after restarting despite all the counts in the menu being high enough or could be it has some other requirement that you probably meet by the time you've grabbed everyone else a few times).

Seems really nice for the most part but would it be possible to make it scale so that it'd show all of map with no need to scroll around at all instead of the weird way it works now where if I make the screen tall but thin it'll scale to show full height of the map or if I make the screen wide but short I can see horizontally everything and just need to scroll up and down.

Or if for some reason that's harder than it should be you could just make the map images smaller.

Seems promising, adding some more gameplay would be nice.

If there were some ways to distract students making it so that you should avoid being seen by other students could be an interesting thing to add.

Also I feel like if you had to decide when to release the girls and deciding which locker to use mattered there could be some interesting things that could happen.

Well if your rolls can have around 18/22 attempts fail(get hit, miss) I think you should reduce the size of the random rolls bag or something.

Could that be because it's bright white text on black? I recall reading that some people have trouble reading text if it's like that and it'd be better if it was grey on black.

(1 edit)

Yeah, seems impossible to me, tried it three times, first time I was lucky and survived long enough to figure out how it probably should be done but the 2nd and 3rd time I simply died despite doing everything seemingly right. Maybe you should adjust how often you are allowed to get bad rolls(assuming you are using a random bag system or similar to prevent extremely lucky/unlucky streaks).

I'm curious how did you manage to make the music not sound so much like a midi track? It sounds way better than anything I've gotten with abundant-music.

Is it possible to use query strings in the game page? Something like and get the embedded html5 game to see it? Or just being able to set them in the options of the file to embed would be nice.

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I got 1704 people before I decided to stop and finally get around to playing Skyward Collapse.

Some way to destroy water tiles besides just letting them get attacked would be nice.  To not make it too easy maybe if you unconnect 1-3 tiles from rest of the land(by building and then deconstructing around them) they'd collapse by themselves.

Overtime I noticed that amount of wood spawned was always too little but I suppose you are meant to use apple trees for that but in a large settlement they seem like too much trouble, auto harvester getting the wood from depleted apple trees might help with that.