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Hey Nic!

Thanks so much for taking the time to play another build! Really strange the build kept crashing, it didn't on any of our testing, but we do think we know what the issue is, so will put a build out in the next day or 2 and would love for you to give it another try :)

Just had a play of Version 0.7, and I thought I'd leave some feedback as I hadn't yet played

First off, I really enjoyed this game, the mechanic is very polished and I didnt have any bugs during my playthrough!

- I really love interactive start menus so I was super impressed by starting the game like that

- The mechanic works really well, and was easy to understand, and I had a great time just driving around.

- I wasn't too sure how the day system worked, when the day ended or how the 'partial delivery' worked, bit I figured it out soon enough, perhaps a small explanation would help

- The arrow was a good addition, but it wasn't there most of the time, however it wasn't hard to explore and find my own way around eventually

- Tutorial was well explained and thought out

Really like where this project is at, and await more!

Just finished playing the most recent build and wanted to give you some feedback that will hopefully be useful!

- You've really nailed the look and feel of the game, the play space is appealing and the assets look great!

- Something I noticed immediatley was that the build folder was called 'Builds' and I got confused when extracting it

- It took me a while to get started, I figured out how to possess things but beyond that I wasn't too sure what I was doing, for example the NPC, whether he was a threat, or what consequences there would be if I approached his vision cone

- The objectives are funny and I love their concept, although I struggled to find items at first (eg. candles), maybe a slight glow to make them stand out?

- I just wasn't sure where I was going sometimes, perhaps a floorplan type static map so players can learn what room is what might help

- The NPC seemed to be stuck for a large portion of my playthrough, and was walking into the bathroom cublicle door

Overall I think a lot more feedback to the player would do a world of good, because it's all there, I just struggled to figure out what to do and where to go, the gameplay is fun and the aesthetic is fantastic so I'm looking forward to the next build!

I've just finished playing V2 and I was almost left with nothing to say as I just really enjoyed playing and wanted to carry on, but I do have a couple of things I enjoyed and didn't enjoy so much, which will hopefully be useful:

- The presentation and level design is really immersive and good looking, the minimalist style works really well for this game

-  The tutorial level (or first level) I didn't see any UI on the screen to help me get started, so it took me a good minute or 2 to get started

- The last level stumpted me for a bit, the slight change in design confused me initially, for example the particle effects, I wasn't sure if they were visual only or if they attributed to the gameplay.

- One thing I'd really like to see when I complete a level would be a UI screen that tells me how fast I completed the level

I really cannot say much more, it's a really enjoyable game that is easy to get addicted to, just needs more levels at this point!

Just had a play around with V1.3, it's a really satisfying to play theme. Aesthetically I love the grain effect which really strengthens it's presentation! I've got a little feedback and just a couple of bugs I encountered:

- The tutorial is explained well, although I found the animation on the text made it a little hard for me to read whilst I was actually trying to play

- I experienced some stuttering with the player character, mainly stuck running animations, as if there was a collider blocking me, but changing angle enabled me to continue

- I thought a pause menu or function could be implemented, I actually got a phone call whilst playing and couldn't pause and get a high score!

- The core gameplay loop is great and feels fluid, but perhaps for extra replayablility maybe something along the lines of points multipliers for consistent shooting?   Maybe even some kind of upgrade system

- The effect on the bullets when they collide with objects is great, but sometimes I saw some would get stuck and simply disappear

- Shooting is responsive and I really enjoyed the fluidity!!

Really enjoying what you have so far, excited for the next version!

Hi Baconation!

Really appreciate the extremely valuable feedback! We hope to address all of theses issues in the next playable build and will reach out when it's released, we'd love to have you give it another go!

We're happy to announce that the first round of play testing for Project Valkyrie is now live!

This is the most bare minimum version of the project we felt happy disclosing for play testing. This content will be radically changing in the coming builds, in part with feedback and requests!