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Just finished playing the most recent build and wanted to give you some feedback that will hopefully be useful!

- You've really nailed the look and feel of the game, the play space is appealing and the assets look great!

- Something I noticed immediatley was that the build folder was called 'Builds' and I got confused when extracting it

- It took me a while to get started, I figured out how to possess things but beyond that I wasn't too sure what I was doing, for example the NPC, whether he was a threat, or what consequences there would be if I approached his vision cone

- The objectives are funny and I love their concept, although I struggled to find items at first (eg. candles), maybe a slight glow to make them stand out?

- I just wasn't sure where I was going sometimes, perhaps a floorplan type static map so players can learn what room is what might help

- The NPC seemed to be stuck for a large portion of my playthrough, and was walking into the bathroom cublicle door

Overall I think a lot more feedback to the player would do a world of good, because it's all there, I just struggled to figure out what to do and where to go, the gameplay is fun and the aesthetic is fantastic so I'm looking forward to the next build!