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Just had a play around with V1.3, it's a really satisfying to play theme. Aesthetically I love the grain effect which really strengthens it's presentation! I've got a little feedback and just a couple of bugs I encountered:

- The tutorial is explained well, although I found the animation on the text made it a little hard for me to read whilst I was actually trying to play

- I experienced some stuttering with the player character, mainly stuck running animations, as if there was a collider blocking me, but changing angle enabled me to continue

- I thought a pause menu or function could be implemented, I actually got a phone call whilst playing and couldn't pause and get a high score!

- The core gameplay loop is great and feels fluid, but perhaps for extra replayablility maybe something along the lines of points multipliers for consistent shooting?   Maybe even some kind of upgrade system

- The effect on the bullets when they collide with objects is great, but sometimes I saw some would get stuck and simply disappear

- Shooting is responsive and I really enjoyed the fluidity!!

Really enjoying what you have so far, excited for the next version!

Thanks for the feedback Matt! I'll try to make the animation of the text slower and havie a gap between each sentence so there's plenty of time to read it. A pause menu would be a great idea, I hadn't even thought about that so that'll definetley be put in the next build. I hadn't noticed the bullets getting stuck so I'll double check the code and make sure they disappear just like the bullet that do collide. Glad to hear you're enjoying it!