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Love it! Looks beautiful, sounds great, and fun to play too :) Really impressive!

[spoilers below]

I wasn't able to do the final achievement for some reason, even after extinguishing all the suns. I thought it might be because I had 30 suns and maybe having multiple suns messed something up, but even after starting over and making sure to only make a single sun, it still didn't work. 

Hmm, not sure I see why this approach wouldn't work? It's just deleting fully hidden polygons. It wouldn't change the quality at all, and the processing time should be quite quick since you're just checking whether the polygons are exposed or not?

I know doing a full boolean merge would be too difficult, but why not just delete any faces that are completely hidden (ie. contained inside other meshes)? This could be an export toggle, and would greatly reduce the amount of geometry on many creations with minimal processing overhead. 

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Unfortunately the asset doesn't come with TextMesh Pro versions of the fonts. Here's how you can do it yourself though: 

Put the font into TMP's Font Atlas Creator. 

Set the padding to 2, and the render mode to "RASTER". 

Set the sampling point size to the font's ideal size (each Chevy Ray font has different sizes, so look in the readme or just do trial and error until you find the size the font looks perfect at). 

Press "Generate Font Atlas", and save your font out. I like to put the ideal font size in the name of the TMP asset file, so it's easy to set it to the correct size when using the component. 

Great video! BTW the reason blue won is because you spent a lot of money on the auction so you were nearly $400 below blue at the start of the final round. The game is balanced so that if you win every auction it will be almost impossible to have enough enough money to win the game overall. We don't do a very good job of conveying the overall scores of the players though.