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Very nice style :) I just wish the player were faster...


Great concept and gameplay, favourite part is the presentation and style of Pico-8

Nice graphics and decent music. The concept is there but yeah, it's pretty unfinished, and I only found myself needing to shoot once. A great start :)

Thanks. If I thought of that, that would've been a powerup. I accidentally tweaked the jump values so that air flinging gives you enough force to overcome your own flinging so that you can save yourself from spikes, but not enough to continue jumping while in the air, which I think is a good balance? Either way, thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback, and well done on your submission :)

Amazing visuals and music, with pretty fun gameplay. Seik is right that while the screen darkening may be a neat touch, it might be a case of it being a cosmetic feature that is a detriment to gameplay, since its when you're almost out that you need to see where you are the most. But maybe that's what you were going for - if it was, you executed on it well, but not my taste I guess. Overall, amazing entry!!

Pretty fun game (although the controls can feel a little inconvenient - I would've gone with space for jump and shift for dash, but it's all personal preference). Great job on the music! And I love the use of the limitation, with the bubbles serving as both abilities and protection. I'm not entirely sure it's using YOU as ammo, but certainly not within the realm of removal. All in all, great work, especially for your first jam.

Yo dude, for Unity games you have to provide the entire build, including the mj84_Data folder, UnityPlayer.dll, and all other files in the folder where you exported the build. You only provided the exe, which means no one can play it!

I think it might have to be limited


Yeah, I wanted to go for a very dark theme, but I couldn't get it looking how I wanted it to. It would of looked much better if I got volumetric lights to work. Rats weren't honestly meant to look super cute, they were modeled after the dusk rats:


Yea,  level detailing is something I wish I could of done more of, but I'm pretty new with probuilder so my workflow was too slow to allow time for more detailing than some slanted walls.

Thanks for playing.

Thanks for the feedback, yea in retrospect I should of put lights where the path continues to make it easier to find your way. 

Thank you!

Thank you! I believe I'm able to release small patches after the jam as long as I keep a changelog? Not sure if altering the platforms behavior is too large. Either way, I'd make the platforms much faster but I'd make them stop for a few seconds at both the start and end points.

Thank you! Yeah, I did think about adjusting the platforms. And, yes, the crushers were a bit mean :P

Great concept and executed well! Well done!

If it comes from the standards assets, then no, it's not allowed.