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Fearless Islands


Thanks for your report. What happens if you append --video-driver GLES2 by creating a desktop shortcut or by launching it from the command line. 

Please note that this is our first godot game and we are quite new with this Engine so if you need more detail on the process don’t be afraid to ask.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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We have released the first version of the game for LDJAM45. This thread will be used to collect feedback on the version published for the jam.

Here is the link of the entry:

Really liked the setting and the idea of gameplay. Better rhyming would be interested. I also faced some problems with depth perception. Art is definetely good. Hope to see it evolving.

Really loved the style and the theme. Only thing I did not enjoy was the jumping mechanic, it is really difficult when you are near a crate.

Thanks for your suggestions. You are right regarding the story in the areas: one of our planned features is to add a lot of lore to the game you can collect to discover things about the world.

About what happen to granny? At the moment only us devs know that. Keep up with our game and you will surely find out.

I really liked the way you merged the source material into one story. I also enjoyed to use my knowledge of the stories to advance in the game.

I have really liked the gameplay and the graphics are definetely NES-like. Very good job.

I really liked the idea and laughed a lot during my playthrough. Graphics are good even if they seem to "cripsy" in some edges. The choice were quite obvious making the game pretty simple but the fun is definetely high. Good job.

At the moment I have the project on hold to focus on other things but I guess I can make some.

Have a nice day.

Is the gameboy or other devices aspect ratio not allowed? (IE 3:2 or similar)?

Was my intention definetely. :) maybe we can discuss this in private if you wish :) I already have some skeleton for the next version in fact.

Awesome assets. Hope to see the Roguelike expanded maybe in Asset Pack 2. Maybe with monsters too :)