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Thank you!

Student Gamejam X community · Created a new topic Voting?

Will there be any sort of voting or awards/competition aspect to this jam?

My new game, Wagonwheel, asks players to watch several balls bounce wildly incide an eternally spinning octagon and report which balls have gravity going up, and which have gravity going down. It's a concept that's easy to understand, difficult to master, and surprisingly fun.

The game works in four rounds of increasing difficulty, each more important than the last, and each adding a new surprise to the gameplay.

This game was sponsored by the CEDINM, a technology center in Camagüey, Cuba, which is permanently displaying this game in their building for members of the public to play.

Hope you enjoy! For more of my games and other projects, visit my website.

yeah I see that a results page was created, but it still doesn't really tell me anything I don't already know. Did you create this as a non-ranked jam? Because that may explain the lack of disclosure of the results.

I can't seem to find the ratings for my own game either. I can see that it has two ratings, but I can't seem to find out what they are. Perhaps it's because I'm relatively new to, but perhaps you could explain how ratings can be checked?

Fairytale community · Created a new topic Results?

I was wondering if the comparative ratings were ever going to be posted publicly so that we could all see how our games fared compared to the other ones in the jam? I've been very curious about final rankings for a long time now, and it would be very helpful to know what people thought of our games and how we can improve for the future. Also, it appears that when the results page was written, the last sentence was unfinished. Thanks again for hosting the jam!

I'm the background artist for PassionFruit Studios, who made the game Beauties and the Beast. It's a dating sim where you are Beast from Beauty and the Beast, and you have to woo your choice of five women within a week's time. Our writer, Sam, came up with the idea with excitement almost instantly after hearing the fairy tale prompt, and while we came up with about a dozen more ideas in addition to this one, it was our favorite throughout. We wanted to make a game that definitely had humor, but also to make sure that the characters have a very real, serious story behind them that the player may choose to explore. We've put a solid month's worth of time and effort and playtesting into this game, and we're very happy with the end result. We hope you enjoy it!

This game is constructed brilliantly. The music, sound, art style, and ambience are extremely effective at creating a distinct atmosphere, making it probably the most memorable game I've played on this site. It's a work of art. Keep up the good work!