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Thanks for the review! I appreciate the praise and the constructive criticism!

Yes, I should've made it clearer on the hangar screen that you have to hit the 'equip' button after changing your loadout. I've added in a warning now if you try to continue with unsaved changes, which is exactly the kind of thing that's obviously needed in hindsight, but which you miss without playtesting. With that noted I hope you'll try out some of the other weapons!
The tutorial is also definitely too hard - I didn't mean to leave those three enemies there! I had them in the level for testing purposes but they've been moved and reduced down to one for the moment. I was planning for them to show up after completing more of the tutorial, but the tutorial screen system took longer to finish than I expected so they were just left there.

Thanks again for the comments, they've already led to some constructive changes.

Thanks for giving it another go! I appreciate the feedback and I've already made some changes. I realised there's a lot of stuff that makes sense to me because I made it but that wouldn't be clear at all to the player, so thanks for helping me see some of those gaps.

Hah, yeah it's pretty important! I'll have to remember to stress it when I'm making the tutorials.

Thanks for playing though!

Double zipped for extra freshness

I wish I was good enough to appreciate it fully and offer better feedback but the movement is fluid and it felt great to chain wallslides together. The weapons are nice and punchy. Maybe give the jump pads a small vertical hitbox, I kept accidentally jumping over them. Very high quality full-pulp menu juice. Overall, nice!

Excellent, controls are responsive but feel realistic , it's very therapeutic cruising above the blue ocean hunting gunboats and I only crashed twice before working out how to take off. I really like the battlefield persisting between sorties. Looking forward to the full version!

I can't believe they made aggydaggy into a real thing

Solid simple core idea, add a few elaborations and more levels and it'll be a perfect time killer.

A way to speed up your death when you know someone got away would be nice (and a way to exit without alt+F4ing), other than that great!

10/10 I love it