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I think you couldn't have nailed the Jam theme any better :D Great job! Poor inkling, never getting the lady though :'(

I would say it's very challenging, which makes it just the right amount for ambitious people. For me personally it was a little bit too hard maybe :D

It's very original and chaotic, fits the theme well. I couldn't get to other levels because the button didn't work and instead the countdown timer made me lose the game :'( Also the lose life sound effect is very ... hard on the ears :D 

Holy shit, our whole team spent a lot of time and tired brain cells until we finally beat the whole game. It's a great game, really fun and super cool ambience with the sound and music! Great job!!! Also we completely felt the scariness of losing control after pressing the button, such a great fit to the theme. Applause!

Awesome game!!

I also got stuck on level 3 so the difficulty scaling could've maybe been a little more forgiving. It's a great idea though and has a lot of potential so good job!

You're welcome! :)  in the beginning i was just overdriving all the time, but I got the hang of it after a while. In the end I was stuck in the ground though :D

Absolutely love the music, too bad it doesn't loop and the whistling sound is a little annoying after a while. Other than that it's an original idea and I had fun playing it.

Very hard game but great execution and it captured the theme of the game really well!

The music is awesome :D it feels very satisfying to destroy everything but i got stuck way too often :D very fitting to the jam theme ;) well done!

I'm getting so stressed out by these ad windows! :D very fun and looks super cool. I'm just bad lol

sorry I just couldn't start this game, neither on mac or windows