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The linux version doesn't seem to work. It crashes with an address boundary error. I did manage to play the windows version.

This game looks like quite a bit of work for just a week, congrats! It could be balanced a bit better though. It is very easy to earn a lot of money.

This is a great submission! The game looks polished with a nice tutorial, a clean start screen and music that fits the game very well.

I like the upgrade mechanic. Would be great to see even more upgrades that make a larger impact on the way you play the game (maybe different machines, a way to jump over walls...)

This game looks very polished, from the start screen to the game mechanics and the music. I'm not a fan of the controls though. On an azerty keyboard, the c, x and z keys are not all in a row making it super hard to play. I also ran into a bug where the game showed the wrong screen after the character moved to the next screen.

This looks like it could be a great game but I don't really understand what I'm supposed to do. I made into the greenhouse and picked up the watering can, but can't find a use for it.

I'm glad you like it.

It was a lot of work indeed, I did kinda underestimate it...

Really nice conept! Would be great to have more options for controls, WASD is kinda akward on an azerty keyboard

I'm glad you liked it. Art is self made too. I was thinking about implementing something that prevents viruses from spawning too close to the organs but I didn't get to it eventually.

nice! I made it to endings 1 and 2

very original game, enjoyed it a lot, but on the mission in Jakarta, the grid on the left side of the screen does not show up. Makes it kinda difficult...

I don't think I understand what to do. Every cube I run into gives me the 'Just a few steps and I will open that portal' voice and brings me to the same room where I can't do anything...

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hit the space bar to switch colors

and you have to be very precise with where you click