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Hi! I bought the asset, but I can use it to create an avatar in unity for humanoid animations, because a few game objects under Character01 has the same name, as the ones under Hips. Unity can't handle this for me, can you change that?

the gamplay is very unique, its a good idea, but you should improve it more. The ui and logo is very quality, i don't know how you made it this good at 2 weeks. The appearance of the game is so much better than the gameplay, you should work on that.

you should simplifly the controlls, tutorial and gameplay a bit, and give more feedback, like selecting a kid or present, or idk. I miss music

The tutorial screen is so bad

you should fix the cursor mode

the player has no body, no arms, no shadow, its so weird

I starved to death 2 times, and i cound't find a single food, i didn't know how it should look like

After you said on discord nobody rates your game, i expected that your game is not good, but now a tried it...The gameplay is simple and fun, the effects are great, the art quality is very good, its just feel good to play this game. I saw from the crash message that you use game maker, I use game maker for 4 years, but i don't know how did you make this good effects, and even scorable online scoreboard?? The only problem is that the gameplay is to simple, and not very original, and the ugrade system is to complicated for this simple gameplay, you should make 4 options to ugrade at max, or maybe the ugrades can appeare during the gameplay, so progression would be there, and the players don't have to quit to menu to ugrade. 

I think this is the best game in this jam, great work.

I started the game, clicked one of running fruit, and the game crashed

The tutorial and the game was soo soo confusing, its way to complicated. I don't know how did you make a this complex game in 2 weeks, but you should consider that as the developper, of course you understand very ascept of your game, but its hard to learn complicate mechanics as a new player, when you except a simple, sort game, because thats the jams about. If a player get confuse, the chance to quit will rise fast. 

The camera movement is awsome, and the graphics is nice too, i think this is one of the most quality games, at this jam, you just have to learn more about design.

Thank you very much! Its very good to hear all of this. I get the cursor image for just a placeholder, we just forgotted to change it.

Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah maybe I will put a solid tutorial at the start, beacuse its a biz too confusing like this. I scaled up the task ui so much time, and maybe its not enough, the problem is that its takes place in the gameplay area so the player will have less room to use If i scale up more, but maybe I will do it.

Thank you so much!

This game is giving a message, without any text or story and this is very unique. I am really like the concept, and the message, but the gameplay is very simple, all I need to do is throwing everything into the trash, and placing the things to calendar. You should add multiplie choice, like keeping work and trash friends, or some option the game, the message would come out more efficiently I think. The art and music is good, the gamefeel is very smooth, at all its a good game.

By developper of Nightshift at the christmas factory

Simple concept, simple gameplay, good game. I was a bit after I have to do the same thing over over, and the camera is so small, I only see a cop when its to close, and I often get caught by lights that I didn't see the source of. So its was confusing to catch by random lights, because i have no idea where is the cop, and which direction he will rotate

The game's color's are way to bright, my eyes hurt from seeing it. I don't know what is game a about, I just get drop in a minigame, I din't know that should i play this game with somebody or just have to controll 2 of those things at once.

Sometimes its impossible to catch every girl without losting heart, especially the faster ones

Also the virus number indicator doesn't restart after death, and stops at 99

The story is short and good, so I like it. The quality of the game is high I think, the arts and the music is good, and I didn't find any bug at all. But its just a very avarage platformer game after all, like a mario clone with less element and other sprites, so its not very fun to play. Another problem is that its not very clear what is platform/ground and what is not, you should indicate it somehow, maybe with a bit lighter shade or something. From programmer perspective, when I jump, and release z, the player instant start to go down, like if she meet a platform above his head, if you work in unity there us tutorial for this kind of jump, but with more realistic. At all its a good work, the quality is very good, you just have to make a more uniqe and fun gameplay next time.

Yeah, its good to confusse a the player a bit, but this is to much. Nobody will spend more tham than 5 minute with one of these jam games, and if he spending it with search object to search, he will quit soon.

Its a good game, not very polished, but it made with a good idea. I didn't see the two colors, or was it the beginning color, and the goal color? I miss music

The movement was weird, and I often go through obstacles. The cabine where was the house's key, i just go through the wall. Because, the loading icon could appear anywhere, I was no idea where I should click, or were i clicked in the wrong place, so this game was a big confusion for me. I didn't have any idea where i should go, what should i investigate,  where should I click, nothing. 

The atmosphere and art is very good.

I can play with your game, because I am using game maker studio, so I could import the project and play it in the engine, you are very beginner, aren't you? You have to build an exe from the game, so everybody can play it without the engine, and the code was very very beginner too, if you want achive anything with gamedevelopment, you should take a course in game maker studio 2 topic.

Thank you very much, yeah the progress system is kinda trash

I can't interact with the spear so I couldn't progress more..and the art..its hurting my eyes

My highscore still can go higher after I died, when the remaing obstacle reach the bottom of the screen.

Thank you very much!

Thank you for this

The art is one of the best in the jam, but the game is too simple and its hard to figure out which power I should use to defeat certain enemys

I like the main idea and the art style, but everything is too minimalistic, first I coudn't figure out how to press up to complete a level, and the most annoying was the bug when I stuck to the ground and can't move, and I have to play in order to progress.

I download the game and unzip it, but if I start it and press play it close like if I would press quit

I like the atmosphere what its so hard to figure out how to do things, so user unfriendly.

this game is so small, but the idea is very good!

I really like the musi

I can't understand what should I do.

The only problem is that i can open more window at once and that is annoying.

The character art is very good unique and good!

Thank you ! Yeah, we can't finish the game all the way through