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Hi Urania, we were unfortunately forced to take a break from the development of the Cursed Roots, but we are now back working on it and will soon post updates and information on the release date on our social media pages. Stay tuned for updates!

Hi Leebobawitz, thank you so much for the kind words and for playing Cursed Roots, we are really happy that you enjoyed the game!

Regarding the difficulty, we wanted the game to be challenging - we believe that solving a difficult puzzle can be very satisfying :)

However, as the bookcase one is a bit too tricky, we are considering adding a few more hints there in the final version.

In the preview, only the first part of the game is available and not all the items found can be used. They will be used in the final version though.

For your questions:

  1. Not in the preview... ;)
  2. They will be used in the final version of the game
  3. Lots of terrible things... these will be available in the final version as well :)
  4. If I remember correctly your video, you did find them all; the 70+ items are in the final version

We did put a lot of love and effort in Cursed Roots and we are very glad that you noticed it. Btw, love your channel, keep up the good work!

Thank you again for the feedback! Our main objective with those dialogs was to redirect the attention to a different path, but what you say makes sense and we will definitely work on improving this aspect of the game in the final version.

Hi Rostiger Rentner,

Thank you so much for the kind words! We hope you had as much fun playing the game as we did making it!

Danke sehr! :)

Thanks Just Gaming! And we are honored that you enjoyed playing the Preview of Cursed Roots!

Thank you so much for the kind words BubbleKnightMG! We are glad that you enjoyed playing the Preview of Cursed Roots!

Loved the let's play video! Best of luck with aunty! :D

Hi Neco The Sergal!

Thank you so much for playing Cursed Roots Preview! And thank you for your feedback, it's definitely something we will try to improve in the final release of the game.

[*******SPOILER AHEAD********]

There is still more to the preview. If you have found the screwdriver, make sure to check the doors...