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Hi Neco The Sergal!

Thank you so much for playing Cursed Roots Preview! And thank you for your feedback, it's definitely something we will try to improve in the final release of the game.

[*******SPOILER AHEAD********]

There is still more to the preview. If you have found the screwdriver, make sure to check the doors...

Thanks for the tip! It'll be very needed. It was getting rather frustrating, my criticism (I'll be uploading the gameplay and you can see for yourself) is the feeling that there is minimal guidance, as I illustrate that I hate 'hand-holding' in games, but I felt there was not enough direction given on the many items I had, none of them really felt like it had use that made sense - that and the characters' ignorance of his situation got a bit annoying to me, lol. I'd explain it as, he's incredibly dense after his aunt drugs him (or he drinks a cup that ain't tea, simply) and he wakes up ignorant of why he was Date-rape-drugged essentially by his aunt? She Bill Cosby'd him! Probably woke up with a loose butthole afterwards! (I joke). What bugs me asides from that is the protective nature and anal perspective I see that he doesn't want to use any item to say, destroy the house/paintings in any way - unsure why, it just bugs me.

Wallpaper looks like it's meant to be pulled down - I get told it's nothing special EXCEPT the one in the main lobby?

I want to see if I can cut the painting, if there's a safe behind it, as, point and click games are about trial and error and guessing a lot, but most of my guessings were being told "Noooo! I don't want to smash that! Ruin that painting! Dear lordy no!"

And to me I'm like: "Guy, you're in a haunted fucking house, or a house with demonic possessions,  a demon thing in the fireplace and an Aunt that's trying to kill you, and you're prioritizing how much you don't want to smash windows and are trying to protect and preserve the house at all costs?" It's just paintings! It's just wallpaper! (More or less just a nitpick/rant perhaps on the choice of wording, rather than being told it won't be effective, but making the character sound like a Peaceful saint of the house, the belongings, and his own sense of security.) Since I'm sure in my mind? I'd be trying to smash my way outside the house, the front door locked and the windows barred? So what! lol