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Cursed Roots

A horror point-and-click adventure. Think and act fast to survive, discover your past and escape your Cursed Roots! · By MastroBros

Unique Point-and-Click Horror! (SPOILERS WITHIN)

A topic by Leebobawitz created Jul 30, 2017 Views: 239 Replies: 2
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Seriously enjoyed this game, and here's the first part! It was a joy to play and very, very smooth, not to mention the fluid art style. My only gripe in this first part is that it wasn't immediately evident what I was supposed to do once I confronted the aunt. I had read that the 'things' were vulnerable to fire, but as the pointer indicated I could still interact with the doorway, my first thought wasn't to grab the candelabra. Ran into the same issue with the coat rack and the stairs appearing as a viable option. I wouldn't necessarily suggest being more explicit with the directions on what to do (I like games that show players what to do rather than tell them). But I would suggest adding a few more seconds to think and evaluate the environment before the aunt eats your face as a delightful mid-afternoon snack :)

Thanks again for Cursed Roots, I've very much enjoyed it so far! I'll post my second part soon!

...And here's part two! Seriously enjoyed this game, though the puzzles were super tough! My biggest roadblock was the bookcase, I couldn't figure out the riddle for the life of me! (I ended up having to find a YouTuber who had figured it out to continue). Regardless, it still was a treat to walk through the haunted house! I was curious about a few lingering questions that I could not figure out...

1. Is there a way to get past the chimney worm man?

2. What are the batteries for?

3. What is behind the washing machine?

4. I found 25 total items, but I read somewhere that there were up to 70. Is that for the full game or did I gravely overlook things?

Thank you again so much for your love and dedication towards this game, it really shows!


Hi Leebobawitz, thank you so much for the kind words and for playing Cursed Roots, we are really happy that you enjoyed the game!

Regarding the difficulty, we wanted the game to be challenging - we believe that solving a difficult puzzle can be very satisfying :)

However, as the bookcase one is a bit too tricky, we are considering adding a few more hints there in the final version.

In the preview, only the first part of the game is available and not all the items found can be used. They will be used in the final version though.

For your questions:

  1. Not in the preview... ;)
  2. They will be used in the final version of the game
  3. Lots of terrible things... these will be available in the final version as well :)
  4. If I remember correctly your video, you did find them all; the 70+ items are in the final version

We did put a lot of love and effort in Cursed Roots and we are very glad that you noticed it. Btw, love your channel, keep up the good work!