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Created a new topic GL HF LL!

as the jam has just begun, i would just like to wish everyone good luck, have fun, and learn lots!

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this is my first game jam, ive been programming for a few years in a wide variety of languages and purposes, and designed at home semi-games 3-4 times. i've been waiting for ludem dare 34 and decided i didnt want to wait so long, and as such i went searching for a jam to get the blood flowing in preperation, i came across you here, and figured why not!

i am going to be working in Game maker, doing animation in flash, and art assets in photoshop cs6, i thought about working in javascript or c# but i intend to learn Game maker so i can give it a go for LD34

as for the "about myself" part

i am a sophomore in highschool. i live in canada, and i have been studying computer science my whole life, with the intent of getting a degree in the field and going on to become a network security professional.

also my favourite color is #9b59b6 and i am an avid player of heroes of the storm.

finally 2 questions. do you guys have an irc or ts3 for general community discussion, or is it kind of reserved within this forum? and around how many active participants do you usually expect?