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this is my first game jam, ive been programming for a few years in a wide variety of languages and purposes, and designed at home semi-games 3-4 times. i've been waiting for ludem dare 34 and decided i didnt want to wait so long, and as such i went searching for a jam to get the blood flowing in preperation, i came across you here, and figured why not!

i am going to be working in Game maker, doing animation in flash, and art assets in photoshop cs6, i thought about working in javascript or c# but i intend to learn Game maker so i can give it a go for LD34

as for the "about myself" part

i am a sophomore in highschool. i live in canada, and i have been studying computer science my whole life, with the intent of getting a degree in the field and going on to become a network security professional.

also my favourite color is #9b59b6 and i am an avid player of heroes of the storm.

finally 2 questions. do you guys have an irc or ts3 for general community discussion, or is it kind of reserved within this forum? and around how many active participants do you usually expect?


Neat coincidence you're doing this in preparation for Ludum Dare, I actually started doing this a year ago with the intent of practicing for Ludum Dare!

We don't have an IRC or anything, mostly because "we" is basically just me and and a few unfocused friends so far. This fortnight there are a lot more people who've joined the jam, so I expect the community will grow as the fortnights drag on. Until it's large enough to warrant a proper IRC channel though, this forum is the best place to come to. Personally I check #casual14 on twitter and tumblr from time to time.

Net Security is a neat field I hear, and starting programming young is the best way to learn, so good luck!