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Thanks for such an awesome response, it's exactly what I needed to know.


I recently (re)discovered this project while looking for an easy way to create low rez 1-bit games.

And after doing a little bit of research I saw that I could customize the resolution of my games using the clip function (

But I don't know exactly how it works, could you give me an example or point me to the direction in which I can continue with my investigation?

For example, if I download a cartridge with constringed screen resolution, how can I view the code to figure it out by myself? Just loading it?

And what if I wanted to fully customize my console? I could basically fork the project modify the code and change the values I want, right?

Thanks in advance.

Speaking of videos, I suggest you put somewhere a written "Video Policy" because you know Youtube can be kind of crap sometimes managing Copyright, but if you explicitly allow people to make videos we can protect ourselves from trolls who strike channels for fun.

I also want to know.

Thanks for the video!

My RAM broke and I had to RMA it. I was finishing the new build when it happened. I'm using an old netbook until I get the new modules. When I get them I'll upload a new version which will be much more playable that the one you tried.

The monsters are tweaked and I added more. Those zombies you fought are like Cyberdemons but with regular soldier's health, the new ones shoot bullets and are slow. They'll attack you along with shotgunners, minigunners, fireballers and melee worms.

And many of the embarrasing bugs have been fixed like the center room outside wall openning at the beginning or enemies not reacting when attacked.

I'm afraid that some things you suggested won't happen, the jump height will stay as it is and I won't add more levels. But thanks for your time and feedback.

The reason is that this is just a prototype I'm using to test the gameplay I'll apply to my fully featured game. My game will indeed have several levels and the jump will be removed to keep the old school feeling.

It's interesting watching other people playing this, you took the expected route. I'll add some keycards to make people visit the upper tower.

And when I finish the multiplayer functionality it's going to be the sh*t!


Great! Thank you!

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I'm reading the "How buying works" section and it says that people can claim Steam keys when they click on the button.

If I sell a game here and it gets greenlit 2 months later will my early buyers get that button too? If they do, do they get any kind of notification? If they don't, can I notify them or send them a message telling them?