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Master Krepta

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I love this art style and the gameplay. I hope you plan to expand this out into a complete game. I'll be keeping an eye on it because what you already have here is so good. Congratulations on a job well done. 

One thing I did notice about balancing:

By purchasing the Laser Turret Level 4 for right at the start the game becomes to easy. I was able to play through the first 6 levels just by saving up enough for one of those, and then one hit killing everything on the board. Once the energy boost comes into play, all it took was 4 of those and one turret to automaticlaly guarentee a win. 

The sound and music add a lot of atmosphere to the horror theme. I still havent beaten it but ill come back to it when I have more time

Sorry about that. I reuploaded the file and tried it. This one seems to work. 

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Loved the feel of the art and game play. Fit exactly what i was hoping for.  The weapon switching on controller took some getting used to, but once i did, it didn't bother me 

I really loved the visuals here. When i first saw the screenshots i was thinking you just uploaded screenshots from the movie, Glad to see the quality level is supurb. You captured the suspense from the movie perfectly.