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I was cursing your name at level 6 sir... LOL that was an interesting yet frustrating mechanic. 

This game was so much fun. I wish there was a bit more but I enjoyed the graphics and the jumping .

I really loved the contrast between plain white uncollored world and the platfroms as you colored them in. I found some of the placement of spikes to be quite difficult in spots however, which might be more challenging then you intended for a casual game such as this. 

Well done overall

Any Game that makes me dance a bit in my seat as i play it is a winner in my eyes! lol The controls are so smooth, and the visuals while a little distracting, give this a great feel. 

I felt the text scrolling speed during the narration was a bit slow. I kept wishing i could speed it up and get back to the game play. But my only real commentary is that as fun as this is it doesn't have much to do with the theme, outside the narration, the game play could be anything.

 Regardless you have a solid direction here that I think you should develop further into a fun casual game. 

The movement is solid. I think the text was difficult to read as far as the action goes. I had a hard time with the actual combat. I think the enemies need more knockback when you attack them, either that or less health because it felk like It was almost impossible to keep them off of me. 

I loved the visuals, and had a lot of fun evolving the game as you go. It does get very difficult after a while, it feels like the enemes are firing way to quickly at certain points which makes it very hard to dodge once obstacles are available. 

The movement is a bit tricky but thats understantable for a game jam game. I enjoyed the level design quite a bit. 

I enjoyed the mini game approach. I acutally made typing game as my main mechanic for my submission as well. The case sensitivity was a little annoying, yet authentic (might just be because i am used to code hinting)

One visual thing I think could be added to make the coding secion feel more complete, would be to have the screen scroll as you complete words, so that it feels like you are generating multiple lines of code as you type in each command. 

Nicely done. 

I could not get this game to play past the main menu. Clicking and draging would sometimes move the orange window a bit but i am not sure what the problem was. 

This game looks interesting but I am confused as to how to procede. After the initial lecture when i arrive at the office i tried clicking the button that appears but nothing seems to happen. I even went as far as to jump on it to try and trigger something. I am gussing this might be a bug, Or is there another key you have to press?

Thank you for the review.. The way I coded it is the first key you press searches for the first word in an array that has that letter, I noticed in my play through  yesterday that sometimes this causes words that have spawned but are off screen being set as active even before you can see them. 

Lovely work as always. 

I love the feel of this game, expcially the easter egg to your obvious inspiration. This had a similar feel to BOI actually, kind of like a more cheerful version. I love how you took the time to flesh things out with tiny little details to make things feel more alive.

PS - Those purple guys are a bunch of jerks! 

(and the big green ones with spears as well)

I like the gameplay even if the challenge is hard. That background though is too harsh. It is way to distracting and in your face. Plus it blends in with the platforms which makes it hard to move around. 

Overall I love this game. I loved the little touches that took a second to notice, like the gun being a C#, and the mouths of the bugs being square brackets. The feature creep as well was really cool. 

I Really tried to play eveything but I found an issue that makes it breakable. Due to my own poor inventory management, I ended up  with a full inventory and no ability to drop anything. all the games needed resouces I could not pick up, and I ran out of coffee which I also could not pick up. This left me with nothing to do but die. 

I loved the experiance of figuring out how to manipulate the bullet to destory different aspects of the level. I died when i got to the enemies and had to start all over, so maybe a checkpoint system could be added to make things a little more fun.

I love this art style and the gameplay. I hope you plan to expand this out into a complete game. I'll be keeping an eye on it because what you already have here is so good. Congratulations on a job well done. 

One thing I did notice about balancing:

By purchasing the Laser Turret Level 4 for right at the start the game becomes to easy. I was able to play through the first 6 levels just by saving up enough for one of those, and then one hit killing everything on the board. Once the energy boost comes into play, all it took was 4 of those and one turret to automaticlaly guarentee a win. 

The sound and music add a lot of atmosphere to the horror theme. I still havent beaten it but ill come back to it when I have more time

Sorry about that. I reuploaded the file and tried it. This one seems to work. 


Loved the feel of the art and game play. Fit exactly what i was hoping for.  The weapon switching on controller took some getting used to, but once i did, it didn't bother me 

I really loved the visuals here. When i first saw the screenshots i was thinking you just uploaded screenshots from the movie, Glad to see the quality level is supurb. You captured the suspense from the movie perfectly.