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Just posted 0.2.2a fixing the repeat card issue and the equipment menu should be working correctly now

Thank you for finding that 'repeat card play' issue. 
We did found the bug but never found how to replicate it, so thanks a lot!

Sorry for the trouble!
We already got fixes for 4K and ultra wide monitors coming up on the next smaller patch.

You are not supposed to have more than 5 cards, and we already got that issue listed. Should be resolved in the next patch, with all the other smaller issues. Thanks!

Thanks a lot for testing it, there are plenty of ultrawide monitors variations, but we will try to make it look 'decent' in most of them.

Only after Early Access release on Steam. Linux will probably be released, but we cannot promise anything right now about macOS.

Great feedback!

We are implementing some of the changes you suggested and balance changes are coming for the next patch.
About 'healing' effects, it's just for your ship. We are implementing some real consequences if you spend all the fuel.

Thanks a lot!

Hi, thank you for the feedback. All these issues should be fixed on the next patch!

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Submit here any bugs or issues you are having

Leave all your feedback here regarding cards, mechanics or any gameplay related suggestions.