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Absolutely incredible that you're still finding time to work on this given the situation, thanks for the update!

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This is a tactical RPG I've been working on since july 2020, I'm trying to create a fairly unique combat system so this demo serves as a way to show it off and collect feedback. You can read more about it on the store page!

Store page:


Overall pretty neat take on shmup controls. I think the biggest thing the game could use is a difficulty that reacts more to how well the player's doing, early on certain areas of the screen are basically impassable without the tighter controls of your average shmup, but once you get a swarm going enemies just get blown away a little too easily. I think the simplest patch would've been to lower enemy turret fire rate and adjust the number of enemies spawning based on how many player turrets there are. Still, I had fun, good job!

Very True! It’s gamne MECHANIC

Thanks, and good point about the epilepsy warning, I’ll add that to the game page.

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Servicebound is a 2D narrative RPG game which combines the narrative and exploration experience of RPG/Adventure games with an encounter system that resembles hardcore puzzle games. You play as the new employee of a mysterious hotel, tasked with wandering around and helping out the guests with whatever might be bothering them. Solve puzzles, talk to people, and find out if you're ever gonna get paid!

The game was developed as a student project over the course of a year. It's available now for free!