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Literally A God

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Question: Any engine is fine

Clarification: Yes! :)

I heard ): Sucks! 

-Make sure to join the Discord server! 

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Remember to join the Jam's discord! You can find out a lot more about the jam through here.


Have fun!

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We have made the Jam a June to July Jam! Sorry to those of you who were informed the Jam was pushed back a week. I'll drop an email soon!


You may


Here's the link! I'll be putting it on the main page as well 


I'll see to it!

Kinda didn't wanna post this on your jam, but Im also runnin a Metroidvania Jam and was wondering if you wanted to be a judge? We need some.


Alright sick! I'll give you a link

Just wanted to show everyone I was doing a Jam! Come and Join, you might get that Cash Prize! https://itch.io/jam/month-long-metroidvania-jam-100-

Should I join now or in a year tho?

Metroidvania Jam community · Created a new topic Help?

Im also gonna run a Metroidvania jam soon, I kinda need more Judges, would you like to be one? 

2-Year Jam community · Created a new topic Excellent

The perfect jam for me, one year from now, I'll learn how to develop games. And then Ill make a simple potato game. 

Just for random nonsense. Put whatever you want here

Ah sorry if I annoyed you. I was just so confused. 

Awh, Sucks. But thanks for answerin, not everyone does

Hey hey, I've been askin questions but I've gotten no answers. Can you answer one?: Do game jams show up on the public jams page as soon as you check "Published" and save the jam? Mine is not.




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Ask away ask away! I should be able to answer ANY question ya got! Unless it doesn't have to do with the Jam..


Sucks that we need to get the steam version.

Fun! Played it for a couple of minutes! Very nice concept :)

Very nice!

I think I got addicted to this