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You did a great job with this game. I didn't expect to be so taken in by it, and your set up was brilliant to make the choices matter without writing yourself a mountain. One thing in particular I liked, is the first ending I got didn't feel like enough of an ending, too vague, but luckily I liked the game to replay it twice, and I got the good ending, which really impressed me.

Great work on this game!

@Jupiter: Oh, that's so cool, thanks Jupiter! :)

Sorry about the game maker logo. I tried to do something about it, but it didn't work out.

Hey Aegix. Just wanted to let everyone know I tried your game, and it was excellent. I wasn't expecting to get sucked into it as much as I did, or for there to be so many story bits to explore. It left me with a very interesting question as to when to turn back. I recommend it strongly, great work!

Nice work with this one. Clever idea, and important message. It managed to move me near the end. Good job!

Wow, you did great to get this done in only 48 hours, great job getting an entry in at the last! It had some really cool effects, and the story is an interesting concept.

This was very interesting. The atmosphere was strong, and it genuinely creeped me out. Well done!

Just played it. You really did an amazing job on this game, Shademare. If I lose this competition, I hope it is to your game.

@Pixel Chronicles: Thanks Pixel :)! Sorry that the parts with the coins were confusing. I wanted to include some parts which would help the player to experiment with the coins, but sadly it didn't work out that way.