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The only trouble with Steam, is the reviews tend to be more... unforgiving. The game still has a lot of bugs, unfortunately. My personal fear is that it would be considered in the same light as Fallout 76, and is so brutalized by early reviews that it never gets the limelight it deserves. Not a lot of youtubers have picked up this game, and if it isn't careful, it might not reach out to more, so I fear.

oooh, I totally understand that!
Hmm, I wish the best for the game, I think I'll pick this up then for myself, and then we'll see what happens! :)
The only thing so far, as someone who hasn't played it, but only seen it, is kinda the same points that this youtuber mentioned: there's a couple of spelling-errors, and then the insta-death seems scary o_O but I'll give it a shot, cause it sure looks promising! :)
would we recieve updates and the likes, when so? :)

What a lovely response :)

Yeah, the script ought to be cleaned up, really. You can probably get away with the script at its current level... but it does bug a lot of people.
You probably already know, but you can avoid the coin tosses by Guarding. It is still pretty easy to die, though. If you want to try something a bit easier and more balanced, there is a community patch/mod of the game which added unlimited saving (for testing purpose), and rebalanced stuff. It only has the first couple of areas of the game, currently, made as more of a demo for how the game can be rebalanced:

Orange stated that an update will be released at the same time as the Steam release, which is remaining at January 21st :-/ . Here's hoping that the game doesn't suffer too badly, due to remaining bugs/balance issues.