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oooh, I totally understand that!
Hmm, I wish the best for the game, I think I'll pick this up then for myself, and then we'll see what happens! :)
The only thing so far, as someone who hasn't played it, but only seen it, is kinda the same points that this youtuber mentioned: there's a couple of spelling-errors, and then the insta-death seems scary o_O but I'll give it a shot, cause it sure looks promising! :)
would we recieve updates and the likes, when so? :)

Will this game ever get on Steam? :) or will it be staying here on :)
Cause I really wanna buy it after watching John Wolfe playing it, but if it's going on steam, what with achievements and such, I'd like to wait and see!
Will keep an close eye on this, though :3

*Phew* okay, thank you for the speedy reply! I honestly got really worried that it'd take money from the player that easily o_O

woah woah woah! WARNING, potential buyers of this!!

I hadn't paid for this game, cause I wanted to check out what it was, and if it was really awesome, I'd pay for the game, BUT;
now I'm kinda happy that I didn't cause, and this is also a warning to anyone who plays this:
The Crystals you buy in the game costs REAL money! and if you're playing this game on the computer, as I did, you can't see the part where it says the price, unless you move the whole screen around, which I didn't, so I accidentally spent 8$ for some crystals, that I couldn't see the price of!

And you don't get an "are you sure" or "confirm" or anything: you click those crystals, you lose your dollars!! 

To the dev: Please, please, PLEASE fix that! that's an unfair way of loosing your money on, really bad "dev choice"

About the game itself: it's fine, nothing new, but the souls/ spirits looks cute :)

I played this game (before the two latest updates) some time ago, was a lot of fun, I really like the premise, and I think the game actually executed it really well (The monster was smart, but not a total cheapskate, and the puzzles were juuust fair enough and you never really get stuck as such) So big "GOOD JOB" from me! 
Link to my livestream of this game:

Really enjoyed the game, keep it up! :D