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Your HP start to decreases. 






So addictive! Hope you make a full game out of this.

had some fun with it :) thank you

Really great art and animation!!

We have a very similars take on the gamejam so I'll definitely check this out!

Top quality stuff as always.

I hope OP is still making game and still enjoying making game then ;)

wow this is amazing

Good luck

Will do after I go back to my pc.

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Thank you, you have no idea how much your words mean to me!

There's a plan to make this into full game, introducing more mechanics, unlocks and challenges. Please follow for more!!

May I get 1 sample to see if the pixel size fit my game?

the big cultist is too small.... 

high potential!

I subscribed the patrons membership and cancelled that immediately... Now I lost the access to the assets. Do I got double charged if I subscribe again?...

May I have the asset of the spell book itself? 

Hey I remember you. Glad that you're still active and productive. Thanks for playing!

nice game


Hello Emmy.  May I talk to you in Discord?  Paku#6976

I want to continue but the game is very laggy at this point

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Thanks for reminding about my social anxiety D;

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I have no plan but I want to make something just for her. Nice purchase I did today.

is this baba is you reference or you're the author?

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I would like to help with Japanese and Traditional Chinese translation If you need one.

Very cute artstyle. Do you have a Twitter or something I can follow?

Thank you for your kind reply Unagi Tempura

Disclaimer:This is made for my friend's birthday.

It's a shame that I couldn't vote. It's really polished and creative!

I do need to write a game narrative for my mini game.
Can I see anything you have worked on before as a writer?

Contact my discord Paku#6976

I would like to make this into an action game