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May I get 1 sample to see if the pixel size fit my game?

the big cultist is too small.... 

high potential!

I subscribed the patrons membership and cancelled that immediately... Now I lost the access to the assets. Do I got double charged if I subscribe again?...

May I have the asset of the spell book itself? 

Hey I remember you. Glad that you're still active and productive. Thanks for playing!

nice game


Hello Emmy.  May I talk to you in Discord?  Paku#6976

I want to continue but the game is very laggy at this point

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Thanks for reminding about my social anxiety D;

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I have no plan but I want to make something just for her. Nice purchase I did today.

is this baba is you reference or you're the author?

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I would like to help with Japanese and Traditional Chinese translation If you need one.

Very cute artstyle. Do you have a Twitter or something I can follow?

Thank you for your kind reply Unagi Tempura

Disclaimer:This is made for my friend's birthday.

It's a shame that I couldn't vote. It's really polished and creative!

I do need to write a game narrative for my mini game.
Can I see anything you have worked on before as a writer?

Contact my discord Paku#6976

I would like to make this into an action game

I'm confused by the control too since it's obviously not for pc keyboard I guess?

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Hello skulldoll! I'm a programmer and mainly work on Unity and I definitely like to work on small project.

I do have some experience working with people without engine and programming experience! The bad part is I have a full time game programming job and my free-time could be unstable and fragmented, it is why I'm mostly interested in small projects. (but I will try my best!)

If you're interested, reach me out at discord Paku#6976 and tell me more about your idea!

I'm also trying to create my own game: HellFight [BETA] by Mary (

Some of my other projects: Mary - (not all of them)

I'm specialized in making fast paced action control.


maybe make some angry faces too >:|

So cute!

Thank you for your positive feedback! I've just upload the newer 1.0.7 version! make sure you check it out >.<

I made a bossfight at level 20. more monster coming soon!

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  • lower game sound volume
  • Game now warn player if there is a monster outside of screen
  • Name Input now allow until 20 characters
  • More particle effects added
  • More fancy UI
  • Background effect added
  • FIX BUGES!!!


It is too hard to jump exactly to your target land!
the jump is very juicy.

I suggest you to join a game jam!

It was very straight to the point that I can play without even reading a text.
But I feel it was too easy and obvious!

Really good writing! Nice to see another visual novel in entry.

It is a really cool concept. Hope you can work it into something bigger. The level design was too obvious, there are definitely more possibilities out of this!!

I live alone and this scared the shit out of me!

Especially when I have a very high quality audio environment, made this a really immersive experience for me. You have my high rating ^^

It was an experience! The game is very straight  forward that I don't even need to read a single text to understand.

As most of the game throw in a a whole lot of instruction at once, this game guide you one by one with interesting instruction, make it very accessible. 

The pong mechanic have a good potential upgrading to a good beat of rhythm!