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Marx of High Water

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I've extended the deadline by a week to give everyone a chance to finalise their games as much as possible!

I'm so excited to share all of these submissions with the community. So much good stuff has been created, I'm stoked!

We've got just six days left to run in the jam. How are we looking? Do we need an extension? Are we going to get some cool games launched?

I encourage you to check out the submissions to date. They're all very awesome!


I have found some good ones but they are NSFW (NSFW link) . Anti-antifa posters are gold mines. Here's an idea for a one page dungeon.

This is a very neat little game that you should check out. Leans nicely into superhero tropes and, of course, trans narratives. As a solo game it provides the right level of prompt and constraint - nice.

Kudos to the writer for adding it to the megabundle!

I looked for that lesbian one on a hint. Thanks for finding it.

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Welcome to the game jam!

If you like, please introduce yourself in whatever way you see appropriate!

I'm Marx, I use he/they pronouns, I'm an indie hustler/promoter, game design enthusiast, roleplaying game writer and editor, and interview podcaster. I'm very friendly and over-enthusiastic in the online world, and I'm very grumpy and introverted in meatspace.

This jam is a response to the ridiculous psyops shit that we get exposed to regularly, especially when all it does is make us sound a whole lot cooler than originally intended.

The only other thing to mention about the jam is that in this community, please observe the Wil Wheaton Rule: don't be a dick.

Thanks, and have fun.

Thank you! Please take it away and have a go! I'd love your play feedback.