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Thanks! We definitely agree with your feedback. As for the jam-version, there isn't much of a challenge. As for the post-jam-version tho, we made a ton of changes to how tool swapping works (no duplicates, etc) and overall gameplay systems, so that enemies wouldn't really be necessary. Great idea though!

Thank you! Yeah, we made a ton of changes for a post-jam version/patch. We haven't stopped working on the game.

The mechanic is fun, but I had some fights go on forever due to the enemy always defending my attacks and wise versa. Visuals look great tho and with some tweaking, this might actually be really fun.

Would have loved to continue playing... Love the visuals and the music fits in perfectly. There were some glitches with jumping and physics but hey, that's part of the fun, right? With some more features and rooms there might be a full-on game there. Great job! 

More riddles? When?  Such a great game. Everything goes together so well and I just love the idea behind it. 

Love the idea! Incredibly addictive gameplay and a simple but neat look to the game. Awsome submission!

Yes, that is definitely something we are planning to change in a later release. Thank you for your feedback!

Love the Visuals! The gameplay is fun, but a better clarification of what abilities you have and what the goal is would be great. Overall tho, very fun. Great Job.

One of my top 5 games of this game jam! Everything about is great and a lot of fun. Tho the aiming and hit registration part was a bit weird. Maybe there could be some randomness with the dice roll number?

Awesome game! Had a blast playing. Excited to maybe see a continued story!

What have I just played?! I have to go back and rethink all of my life choices. Thank you for the eye-opening experience!

Love the idea! Took me a few seconds to figure out but when I had it, it was a blast. Combined with that beautiful art it is a great game!

Love the art style! The gameplay is a bit lacking but fun for the first time.

Looks great! The Next button sadly crashes the game. But with some polishing and bug fixing there could be a chill little game for phones.

Really Fun! But I found it much easier to just spam LMB while aiming at the enemy, instead of slowing it down with RMB. Maybe there could be some kind of punishment for it? But overall a very fun game with some awesome art!

Love the Art! Controls were a bit floaty but overall a fun game idea! Great Job.

Yeah, after playing it a few times we thought so as well. We literally added sound in the last ten minutes, so that's why. Thanks for the feedback!

That is definitely something we are planning to change in a post-jam version. Thanks for the Feedback!

Love it! Got up to the Big Boss (?) and that's when I figured out, how much hp I had. Great game overall, maybe there are possibilities for a bigger release.

Love the aesthetic of the game. But I sometimes didn't even have to use the dice to complete the level. 

Incredible! Loved the gameplay. Even played through it all the way and got a little sad, that there weren't more levels. Would love to get a fully made version on my phone!

Love the idea and the look of the game! Thought that higher numbers also meant higher defense (?) but that might just be on me. Feels quite polished. With some tweaking and maybe a heal spot or other items, and the rogue-like thing you planned, there might actually be a bigger game here.

Great Job!