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Great game, can't wait to see where it's headed!

Hey! I actually just recently started working again on the game. I'm rewriting a lot of parts, so it takes some time, but for example this what the new UI looks like:

Great challenging game. The built-in level editor is really powerful and being able to play levels built by other players is awesome.

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Thanks for playing! I'm working on quite some new features and improvements but it's going slow right now thanks to midterms 😬

This game really looks beautiful, nice work!

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I have just released the very first public alpha version of my game, Mini Wheels! It's a racing party game for 2-10 players. The current version only features a sandbox level, but new game modes will be added soon. Let me know if you have any suggestions/what you like/what is not working once you've played it :)


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MiniWheels is in active development. I'll try to keep this topic up-to-date and list what I'm currently working on.

Currently working on:

  • Redesigning the UI. Setting up players and controls is quite a lame process right now.
  • Adding a level editor.
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Note: If you're connected to the internet the game will automatically notify you if your game is out-of-date. I recommend using the Itch.io app however, it automatically updates the game for you!


Version Alpha 0.0.6 - 8/11/2016

  • Completely redid the lighting, looks a lot prettier now and performs better (before & after).
  • Added moving platforms to the sandbox level.
  • Added a rotating thing to the sandbox level.
  • Cars now brake much harder, so you can drive with even more precision.
  • Cars can practically never get stuck upside down anymore.
  • Car exhaust particles now use the car's color, are a bit smaller and transparent.
  • Respawned cars are now placed at their original spawn location.
  • Fixed a bug where you'd lose momentum when going through a portal.
  • Fixed the controller unicode icons looking weird on MacOS.
  • Made the splashcreen a bit prettier.
  • Several performance improvements.

Version Alpha 0.0.5 - 22/10/2016

  • Added booster pads, play with them in the Sandbox gamemode!
  • Removed camera jitter by using interpolation, the game feels so smooth now :o
  • Restructured the sandbox map a bit.
  • Resetting a game now fully resets the map and it's physics objects.
  • Lighting of static objects on maps is now of higher quality.
  • Ambient Occlusion has been improved (no more low resolution black noise on dynamic objects like the green cubes).
  • Added a custom cursor which disappears when not moving the mouse for some time.

Version Alpha 0.0.4 - 16/10/2016

  • Added portals. A few of them are available in the sandbox gamemode.
  • Added a gamemodes menu which will be used to pick which gamemode you want to play.
  • Added a reset button which you can use to reset your game (once the game has been reset you can also change the amount of players again, this is disabled while a game is running). EDIT: it doesn't actually reset the map, just the players, this is a bug.
  • Added ability to play alone (before you could only play with 2+ players).
  • Did some work internally on the new infected gamemode (should be ready to test soon!).

Version Alpha 0.0.3 - 15/10/2016

  • Added a splashscreen.
  • Fixed exception when using the next and previous controller buttons in the players menu.

Version Alpha 0.0.2 - 13/10/2016

  • Added ability to remap keyboard keys.
  • Added anti-aliasing slider in options menu.
  • Added resolution dropdown in options menu.
  • Added automatic update checker and out-of-date popup.
  • Added link to my personal twitter so you can stay up-to-date with the game's progress.
  • Clarified the current level is just a sandbox level, real gamemodes will be added later.

Version Alpha 0.0.1 - 10/10/2016
First release, exciting times ahead!