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Martin Tale

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Glad you enjoyed it <3 🐵

Yes, it can go below 2.5%

Theme is just for fun :)

They generate exp only when not attacking - how much? no idea anymore :) 

yep :) 

All unknown ones can be made from the known ones if that helps :) There are more hints in Discord as well as solutions for all of them. Solutions you can see here as well if you want only that - :) 

Not 100% sure :/ As a temporary thing you can copy your save file from time to time and if this happens then just load it back in. In discord someone might be able to give you a save file that's around the progress you were at ;) 

Mainly due to lack of cloud save - sorry about that :) Full version will have that so this won't be an issue then :) 

Bug is coming from too many updates to DOM elements when gaining levels quickly. It's fixable but I'm working on the full version so fixing this has been very low on priority list :)

haha :D

Very cute <3 I enjoyed it but many ghost get stack behind walls maybe pathfinding needs to be improved for them ;) Either way, well done <3

Thanks <3

Thank you <3

Thanks :) That somehow completely slipped my mind :D Will know better next time ;) Good catch <3

Thank you <3 Yep, I had many ideas but there's a time limit :D Either way, valuable feedback, thanks <3

It didn't, all good <3 

Thank you <3

Sad-o-Bot :(

Thank you <3

Love this, so simple yet so fun and easy to play <3 Well done <3

Thanks :)

Thank you <3

Thank you <3

Thanks :) Yep, I had many ideas but felt like it's better to finish something and polish it - definitely room for improvement and I learned a lot  :)

This is FANTASTIC! So polished and fun game <3 Love it :) You could easily make this into a standalone puzzler <3

Nicely done, well polished game, easy to understand and learn. I found it hard to click small icons falling that quickly but it might just be me being old af :D Well done <3

Really well done and polished game <3 Love the art and music! I wish there was more hand holding in the first levels as it wasn't 100% clear on how things work in the beginning :) 

Was fun and quite enjoyed it <3 Something funky happened with camera where it zoomed all the way out and I had hard time getting it back :) Other than that, good job <3

Oh this is fantastic! Played for a long time <3 I would really recommend to show in shop upgrades you can afford with green background and those you can't afford as grey. At the moment, I thought bottom two upgrades were disabled :)

Couldn't hear music/sound in web version :/ Other than that, quite enjoyed it :) Well done <3

Lovely <3 Could be made more intuitive as it took me a while to get my raft moving :) Either way, well done <3

Scary :D I died so quickly :D Good job <3

Art is amazing - really enjoyed the game :) Well done <3

So CUTE!!! However, I got stuck quite early on. It said click here - I did - nothing happened. Says pick the right module but I have no idea how to do that :D Either way, love the art and sound effects/music - great job <3

Really nice game/concept :) I would make companion move faster and not get stuck behind walls that easily. Enjoyed it and well done <3

Really great game :) Easy to understand and guides  you through in a nice pace. Couldn't hear music/sound tho :( Either way, good job <3

Very hard to understand what to do but I love the art and music <3 Really nice atmosphere :)

This is really cool <3 I wish it started off a bit simpler and you introduce more things you can do with code as you play and learn :) 

Thank you :) I wouldn't dare to hurt Dream-o-Bot :D 

Yep, it's not for everyone but thanks for checking it out <3 Idle/incremental games usually (almost always) don't have lose condition. It's more like a relaxing experience you play in the background while doing something else :) 

Thank you <3

Yep, wanted to do that but it was much easier to just add formula given the time constrain but yes, you're right :)