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Just cosmetic :) 

Exactly :D

There will be a steam version of the new game ;) 

If you're in our discord then ping me there or you can send me an email to Either way, I will sort it out for you ;) 

Sorry about that. Those are "Waitlist" souls which you can see in when you login with your email. Game souls are different and can only be acquired through playing :) I should have named them differently :D 

They generate exp while out of combat :) 

Yeah, it's quite reliant on RNG right now - I have a list of improvements I want to make before calling this game finished :)

Not sure what happened there :( Were you far along, if not you can try to clear localstorage/cookies for the game or try playing on

There isn't and probably won't be :/ 

I moved on to a new game idea - :) 

Nop, they are just for fun and dedication for completionists like me :D 

You can find them in spoilers section at ;)

You only have to complete Tier 1 to unlock it ;)

Stage number ;)

There won't be a storyline in this game but I'm working on a sequel which will feature that ;) 

Just wait a little bit and it should improve or enter the battle and let your wights die as they are causing the issue (I think) where you're gaining levels too quickly and it locks the buy buttons on skills menu :) 

There is not :) 

Higher stages give more souls (morality points) so reaching stage 200 would give you a handful of them by then ;)

There is no engine used - plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript ;) 

There are some tips here - ;) 

what do you mean slashing? :D

I think it already does to some extent :) 

Hehe :D 

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Interesting, I found necromancy to be very powerful as I enjoyed playing it in a slow idle pace but maybe you play style is more active then mine 😊

UPDATE - 20th of September, 2020: Necromancy now scales with stage you're in! 

Yes, sadly that seems to be the optimal strategy in early game at least.. I'm working on a full version of the game where this will be rectified! 😉

Thank you! :) 

Thank you! 😉

Thanks, glad you're enjoying it 😉

I did have a plan on expanding upon this idea but it run out of steam and wasn't that much fun. I'm working on a new game tho (prototype/game jam edition) for which I'm making a full version now :) 

Hey guys 🙂

I just finished and published my game for js13k games jam where you need to make a game where its size doesn't exceed 13312 bytes (or close to an empty Word document). I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and would like to hear what you guys think 😉

Game link:

In the game you build your army and fight against ever stronger waves of enemies, choose and upgrade skills and collect trophies 🙂

Lovely game! ;)

Congratulations! ;) It's not well balanced but I'll be improving that while expanding this game ;) 

Ya, I saw that while I was developing but didn't have time to investigate/debug/fix :D 

Thanks, glad you liked it :) I'll be working on it further and hopefully it turns into a proper game :)

Thanks, I know it's very short but I have decided to keep working on it :)