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Thanks for the shoutout! We're glad you liked this small experience :)

Hello! Just replied to this same question on another comment. Long story short: at first, the game ended as soon as the coffin hit a wall, but, 30 minutes before the deadline, we decided it should actually bounce a few times before it ended so the game wasn’t too short, but we didn’t have time to add some sort of health bar that made it clear! If the coffin hits a wall 15 times, game over. Sorry about that!

Also I laughed at the party thing. It’s not super playable right now. I didn’t handle the lag correctly so sometimes the coffin doesn't get hit. Also, asteroids become invisible on the clients — oops!

Hello! I’m the programmer. Making a multiplayer game in under a day wasn’t easy. 30 minutes before the deadline we decided the game ended too soon so we added bouncing to the borders. If the coffin hits a border 15 times, the game ends. We didn’t have time to add a health bar or something that actually made that clear. Sorry!

The cursor thing is because it’s actually a mobile game and that’s how you move in Android. Also 30 minutes before the deadline, I mentioned the game should work cross-platform and someone said “build for Windows too!”. It works on Windows, but you can’t move using WASD/arrows controls, so you get the Android d-pad lol

Wonderful experience!

Love it love it love it 💚

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing :)

Thank you! We had many more rules to remember in mind, but we had very little time. Barely made it! We can add more rules in a future. 

The game is currently available for Windows only. Mac should be available later today. Android is an idea. 

Thanks a lot!
We have indeed thought of a bigger game but with the three days limit, it was really hard not only on the technical side but also on the game design side.

We will keep working on it and let you know when a better, bigger and polished version is out.

Again, thanks for the amazing feedback (also we'll probably call our character Steve as it had no name before your video)