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Funeral Procession IN SPACEView game page

Multiplayer party funeral
Submitted by Rookbird Games, Matías Paredes (@MatiParedes) — 10 minutes, 30 seconds before the deadline
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Use of Theme#64.2004.200

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Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Apparently testing the game on single IP showed a big flaw... The host cannot see meteors, noone could move and the meteors were freakishly fast... 

Overall, to summarize everything, I reached a simple but important conclusion:

It's not a singleplayer split-screen game!

Who could've thought ;)


The meteors are indeed invisible, that was a last minute fix and... oops!
The joystick spawns where the player clicks, so you need to release the screen and touch again. That was my idea and... well, oops again!

Funeral Procession in space was our first time making a multiplayer on a jam, I'll definitely write a post mortem about this game because we learned so much. As of now, the game is really unplayable :P  (Final Oops!)

Thanks for the feedback!


I don't really understand how the bouncing really works? And I don't really get what my cursor sphere thing does either. I would be up to play this and try it out with friends though.


Hello! I’m the programmer. Making a multiplayer game in under a day wasn’t easy. 30 minutes before the deadline we decided the game ended too soon so we added bouncing to the borders. If the coffin hits a border 15 times, the game ends. We didn’t have time to add a health bar or something that actually made that clear. Sorry!

The cursor thing is because it’s actually a mobile game and that’s how you move in Android. Also 30 minutes before the deadline, I mentioned the game should work cross-platform and someone said “build for Windows too!”. It works on Windows, but you can’t move using WASD/arrows controls, so you get the Android d-pad lol

Submitted (1 edit)

To properly rate this game for a jam requires to throw a party in a 5 days window)

The bouncing of the coffin off the borders of the screen feels underdetermined - I can't know whether it will bounce or end the game.


Hello! Just replied to this same question on another comment. Long story short: at first, the game ended as soon as the coffin hit a wall, but, 30 minutes before the deadline, we decided it should actually bounce a few times before it ended so the game wasn’t too short, but we didn’t have time to add some sort of health bar that made it clear! If the coffin hits a wall 15 times, game over. Sorry about that!

Also I laughed at the party thing. It’s not super playable right now. I didn’t handle the lag correctly so sometimes the coffin doesn't get hit. Also, asteroids become invisible on the clients — oops!