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Martin Gehrke

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I backed CRG during Zinefest and have my ecopy, can't wait for my physical one.

If running a full discord is not ideal, we could see if we could find a channel on another discord, there are so many already.

I'd love to create an adventure but am a bit hesitant as it might be overly ambitious. Is there a discord for creators to collaborate or work together. 

I have questions about how the story flow diagrams are created and other graphics.

great job!

Great work!

A Profane Tome by Martin Gehrke

You are a powerful and evil mage (or warlock, wizard, witch, or any label). You have been a student of the dark arts and spent your life learning and researching spells, rituals, incantations, magic of all kinds. It is now time to write your Grand Grimoire. This will be your Magnum Opus, an epic tome that will make any user powerful beyond imagining. But it will not be easy.

You have barricaded yourself in your tower (or dungeon/castle/study) with all your research and notes. You have food and supplies and are protected from any others looking to prevent such an evil book from being written. You are in for the long haul, you either emerge the most powerful mage in history with a Grimoire worthy of your name, or die trying.

A Profane Tome  is based on the Wretched, by Chris Bissette. The original game is available here.

Wretched & Alone games are solo journaling games about struggling in the face of insurmountable odds to survive, or to achieve something important. 

Required: Deck of Cards, journaling device
Optional: Jenga Tower

I asked via Twitter