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Hey, purchased! Would like to know ahead of time the format available though. It's way easier to use bitmap fonts in games (PNG in BMFont, or XNA style), TTF is not very useful and have to be converted (or fiddled around with settings), which takes more time. I'd expect a paid font to do have these variants, or at least a simple PNG with all of the glyphs.

Good job you did, guys!

Mighty CheBo: Thank you and I'm really sorry for the frustration. I'm implementing all of your feedback to the new version of the game. Thank you for it! Now that I have more time to focus on the details on the gameplay. <3

Adam Pajor: Yes, I already have the music done, here's one sneak peek:

elFlashor: You can, that thing is badly designed on my end. A little hint: all items you can craft have a meaning in the game, and has to be used at right place.

Thank you very much! <3 I'm so proud & happy right now <3


Hello, can you try this build?

Thank you, good sir! <3

Thanks for the report, I'll check and let you know...

I'm glad you liked it, even if it was short! <3

Thank you!

Not sure what's going on in there, but it just worked for me. :/

The download fails, or launching the game? If launching fails, can you tell me what operating system you have, please?

Awesome! Thank you for the feedback! I'm working on a full version of the game and will fix these annoying parts. <3

Thank you!

I didn't have time to implement exit with menu, but Alt+F4 works on Windows. is package for Love2D launcher (from shell: love, once you install Love2D). It's also a renamed zip-file with all the source codes of the game.

Awesome, stay tuned! It'll take a while, though, as I'm trying to get my new code editor done at