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Marlene Delrive

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Don't drink too much!! 

Totally agree! The game was made for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, and the Web build was taking forever to build, so I ran out of time. 

Might do it another time, but I have some bugs to fix before it can happen :) 

Thank you for the sweet comment! No, there is no ending. He is doomed! Would have loved to have a caffeine crash at the end where the music pitches all the way down, but alas, we ran out of time . :)

Thank you haha. Made with love! And too much coffee-drinking experience

Haha, glad it resonates! This happens to me all the time

Very nice game. I enjoyed the writing experience. It felt like an actual exercise in writing, and the bad thoughts urged me to keep going, to power through. I had a tiny frustration about having to click in the text to keep writing whenever bad thoughts appeared, but I don't know if that is just my browser. I would have liked to just stay on the keyboard and keep writing. Also, the copying of the text didn't work for me. All it copies is the title of the game :'(

No problem, and sorry for the confusion.
Maybe you can borrow one from someone you know? ;)

Mutiny Games


We had to remove the mac build as we had issues with it, but we forgot to remove it from our fact sheet. We're very sorry and hope you didn't spend too long searching in vain!

- Mutiny Games

Ok, I'm in 2018.3.4 and I solved it by adding a Sprite Renderer and Doodle Animator component, AND changing the material under 'Renderer' in the particle settings to 'Sprites-Default' :)

Same problem :(

Thanks for the comment! Will definitely consider buying it then, looks awesome :)

Hi Fernando,

Is there still no support for a wacom tablet? I'm super excited about this tool, but unfortunately I'm not sure I can get used to drawing with my mouse. :'(

Sincerely, Marlène

Hi! Thank you so much for the comment and the video. It's always great to see people enjoying our games and understanding the experience we are trying to convey.

The game was made for a course in game world design, and so our time to make it was limited. The idea was to make a short game that could potentially be a lot bigger. Maybe there will be a full-length version one day to dive deeper into the eerie forest and the mysterious disk. :)

I have updated the info so players better know what to expect. Thanks again for the feedback.

Marlène / Mutiny Games

Thank you so much for the kind words and for the video! We are very moved by all the lovely feedback.

Mutiny Games

For three players, control A, S or D to  pull the elephant your way!