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i like it!

To say the truth, I dunno what I was thinking trying to stuff the '.smc' file into 'another' emulator...

That said, fricking awesome. It does bring back memories of trying unknown games and trying to figure out where to go without manuals or prompts. The save states are  a cool feature.

I wonder if it's an FX Chip game or uses mode7 heavily...

Utterly amazing looking game. Very true to the style of the time, I'm getting nostalgic looking at it. I really, REALLY hope there's tank controls in there, at least as an alternative control scheme. Us OG players get a braintingle whenever we get to tank control a dude through some horrors. If not, no biggie. It's a must buy for me. Wishlisted on Steam.

Fantastic! Reminds me of the ol' isometric games of yore, like Chimera. Wish you had an option to rotate the controls at least 90 degrees...

I love this game. It's so sleek, polished looking, atmoshphere is amazing and the character super charming! The controls are a bit tight but that can be mastered. Fits the little legs anyway. Awaiting the full experience!

This is awesome.

The controls are iffy but like you said: unfinished. It's got the mood down right though, if it had proper tank controls I'd call it a done and done thing. :) I'm sure plenty of time was put into making the camera angles make sense AND spooky, which as so far I see as already pretty good.

Nice one!

This is pretty great but dang hard! Would be a good section in a bigger horror game.

Fantastic work. This game is as frightening as it is fun to play. It took a bit understanding the mechanics but that grew organically just like the things going arouind the house are. You made frightening entities move around on their own accord doing things that almost seem pestering...just to get to your children, seemingly ambushing you as well. As you are adding fixes, consider adding this to steam, this is worthy of a release, there's an incredible amount of gameplay here, and the buildup of mechanics so naturally is something I haven't seen in a while.

Eagerly awaiting your next project.

Why do I feel bad. :c

Whoa, this is all done by you? The utter authenticity on how an early horror title on the playstation 1 would play, designwise, overal feel, and even asthetically on the compression of the FULL MOTION VIDEO CGI cutscenes, the prerendered backgrounds, the early puzzles. It's genuinly like a lost PSX game that I found! The demo so far is full of craftmanship, little touches and details that shows you understand that making one of these is just more than a low resolution and texture warp filter.

I can't wait for the full game. Again, props on making something actually so genuine, this could be saved as a PSX ISO, put on a rom site, and no-one would bat an eye. :)


I love tank controls. I adore them. I also super love  static cinematic camera angles. I really miss that era of gaming and wish there'd be more modern renditions. The controls are nailed quite nicely here, although I would love more turning speed. Everything else is great, even the janky jump (fun with the fall damage out there)

I haven't even completed it yet but I already wanted to comment on how spot on you made a game that recognizes what it is to be a tank controlled survival horror. The snappy dialog takes me back to 90's adventure game (Great font choice and NPC yap sounds!) and the camera angles themselves are great. Might have some faulty triggers here and there but that's expected. That shit's hard. The graphics are a stylistic choice and I tend to like those yappy heads.

Funnily enough I am not a big fan of the Pat and Woolie show, but that might change now if their fans are capable of making this kinda stuff.

Gonna play more now, and I hope you might one time consider doing another one like these, spooky or funny(or both) your choice!

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Wonderful game, man! I'll never grow tired of PSX era horror asthetics, yet you have your decidedly unique spin on them. Still thinking about what I exactly did in the game.

Also, props for the soundwork. I inched across each door in the hall listening to see if I can pick something up. Or the groaning sounds of...whatever is down there. Playing this with a headphone really pulls you into that dreary world.

May you be inspired to make more of these. :)



Thanks for making this game. 

That was a great experience. Horror games are better suited for letting the situation take over than just letting the player walk from A to be. Exploring a horrid situation that you have no control over gives you that much dread.

Awesome, do more!

Ahaha. This is so amazing dude. This is the real deal! Yeah it has some bugs, but I'm surprised the switch puzzle actually resets when you get out of the room and re-enter.

Seriously though, this is very, very good. I really hope you get to finish this, get all the help you need and keep this level of quality. It really kicks the drek that is the indie-horror scene in the ass.

Consider already one sale, and a bit of a support from me. :)

This was excellent. A genuine recreation of how tank controlled, static camera angled games worked and felt! I quite enjoyed that. Hope you'll do something with this one day.