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Wonderful game, man! I'll never grow tired of PSX era horror asthetics, yet you have your decidedly unique spin on them. Still thinking about what I exactly did in the game.

Also, props for the soundwork. I inched across each door in the hall listening to see if I can pick something up. Or the groaning sounds of...whatever is down there. Playing this with a headphone really pulls you into that dreary world.

May you be inspired to make more of these. :)


This is a really good game and really captures those wordless feelings. I enjoyed it, and hope you make more, VHS asthetic or not. Good luck!



Thanks for making this game. 

That was a great experience. Horror games are better suited for letting the situation take over than just letting the player walk from A to be. Exploring a horrid situation that you have no control over gives you that much dread.

Awesome, do more!

Ahaha. This is so amazing dude. This is the real deal! Yeah it has some bugs, but I'm surprised the switch puzzle actually resets when you get out of the room and re-enter.

Seriously though, this is very, very good. I really hope you get to finish this, get all the help you need and keep this level of quality. It really kicks the drek that is the indie-horror scene in the ass.

Consider already one sale, and a bit of a support from me. :)

This was excellent. A genuine recreation of how tank controlled, static camera angled games worked and felt! I quite enjoyed that. Hope you'll do something with this one day.