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Felt like it was a game of chess where I had to look ahead before making any moves. Really interesting concept

Interesting concept and I felt as if I was playing a game of chess while planning every single moves

I tried this out during the Game Jam so I was really pleased the that the team made changes according to our comments! No more awkward map rotations or impossible movement keys which made the game playable! Really great job here! I've played this game before but I think my timing for this game was still a bit longer than expected... 8min 20 sec...

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Good to see the team making changes according to some of our comments! Really detailed devlog to let the players know what changed for the better. Will be trying out this game soon!

I feel it's quite an interesting mechanics to have and really fits the 'Out of Control' theme! Some of the jumbled up keys to move and jump can have quite awkward placings (but I think this was done intentionally to up the difficulty of the game). I also think the art was well drawn and I like it! 

A few pointers for improvement though. I think the fonts can be bigger so that players can see the key changes clearly. Also, a dynamic mini map to guide the players would be helpful and the maps are being jumbled up as well when the slime reaches the checkpoint and it can feel a bit confusing on which direction to go after that.

Overall pretty well done game and I look forward for a release of a more complete game!