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it’s amazing that you are still improving this game! The character selection tool looks great! 

I'm thinking about adding a chapter after this, given how short the game is. I'm glad that you want more of the story!

Thank you for the video! I learnt a lot from watching you play it. Sorry the game is a bit short, but I'm happy that you still enjoyed it!

Wow this is really cool! What a perfect run! Never thought I one day I'll see someone speed running my game. Hope you'll continue making videos like this on small indie games!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Visual clarity and balancing are definitely something this game needs to work on.  I'll make note of that!

I'm happy that you loved it! Next time I'll think about how to improve play time (while keeping the experience refreshing of course)

I'm happy that you liked the ending ;)

Thank you for the video! :D

Thanks! Glad you liked it

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I'm glad you liked the game! And thank you for pointing out the bug I'm fixing it right now! (Update: the bug has been fixed)

I'm glad you like the models! The video is very funny too! thanks for sharing it!

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My brain has melted playing this game but I can't stop playing Really cool idea and really good level design. Although I did really know what I was supposed to do but I was able to figure it out and it's the game feels really fun once it clicked. 

  • This game has some very interesting visuals. Good job to the person who did the level design.
  • The Japanese voice acting caught me off-guard and is very fun to listen to. Well done!
  •  The soundtrack, character illustrations have very high quality, especially considering the short time you guys had, so well done to that!
  •  The gameplay probably needs a bit more work, but the core concept is there and it's really a matter of polish.
  • Overall I love the game's absurdity, and quite frankly it suits Suika's character. 
  • The character illustrations are very cute and the characters feel very lively. I also like the texture of the paintbrushes. 
  • I noticed that character has a "dodging animation", which is a nice touch. 
  • The synchronization between the soundtrack and the falling of musical notes is hard to implement, but this game does it fairly well, so kudos to the programmer and musician who implemented this. 
  • Something that has been mentioned many times in the comment section is the lack of visual effects and an indication of how well the keys are being hit (e.g. perfect, good, bad, or miss). This is understandable considering the tight schedule, and adding it post-jam shouldn't be too difficult,
  • The gameplay concept is very novel. I like the idea of combining the dodging mechanics of bullet-hell games with a rhythm game. It may be just me, but the dodging action feels kind of separated from the action of hitting the musical keys, so the player has to think about 2 different mechanics at the same time, which kinda feel uncomfortable (or perhaps this is a multiplier game meant to be played by 2 people at the same time?)

Oh my god you need a trophy for this. I was not expecting anyone getting 100 combos! 

Glad that you liked it! Probably should have added a little bit more challenge after the player reaches 20 combos. People seem to be better than me at this game (I can only get around 30 combos despite being the dev)

Thank you for your insights! Perhaps some kind of timing-prompt and stamina system would have made the game better. Maybe I'll try this later!

Glad you liked it! Maybe I'll add in some BGM later as well!

Thank you for your comment! I agree with you and I think I could have done something to spice things up a little bit after 30+ combo. I'm glad that you enjoyed playing around with it!

Thank you for the suggestions! Yah the control and power balance can be really frustrating in this game and needs a lot more work. Btw I checked out Kid Icarus for 3DS and it's a really good inspiration in terms for game mechanics. Thanks for mentioning that game! 

Thank you for the elaborate feedback! Yah I do feel like this game is lacking in many aspects (especially story and theme). But I'm also making a similar game outside of jam and I'll factor in your suggestions while I'm working on that :)

Glad that you liked the models (^̮^)

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Thank you for the feedback! I apologize for not providing any desktop builds as they are too buggy to be played (@_@)

I modeled the Touhou models using 3DS Max during the Jam. 
For the Immortal Smoke sound track, I used the music sheets I found in this link and added violin to it myself.

I'll also add these two info to the Jam Page. 

If the game doesn't work or if there's any bug in the game (which I'm sure there will be many), please let me know in the comments!

Thank you all who played and rated my game! See you in the next 2hu jam!

Glad you like it ;)

The game art is unique-looking and feels like the work of a professional (btw Koishi is one of my favorite Touhou characters and she looks great in this game!)The dialogues are  humorous and fun to read  (reminds me of the "Action" option of Undertale). Pretty dope stuff! 

Many thanks for pointing out the bug for me! I’ll fix it in the next builds!

Firstly, I would like to thank you for hosting this jam, and I hope you will keep hosting them in the future. Touhou has brought so much joy to my life and an event like this brings even more joy. 

I also would like to thank you for the elaborate feedbacks you have given to the participants. This really helps us become better game makers. 

I do admit that as a solo developer, I had cut many corners, which is reflected in the lack transition states, impact effects, and sound effect, etc. So I primarily focused on experimenting with the new art styles and see whether people would like them. However, as too many corners are being cut, I also feel that the game is quite “empty” in various aspects. 

Now that the jam is nearly over, if time allows, I think I will keep working on this project, and make gradual updates that addresses the issues you pointed out here, such as the problem with the overly-easy boss attacks. I think I will also support joystick control, which will allow users to use their PS4/XBox controllers. 

Once again thank you for everything! 

Thank you GhostlyFeline! I do agree that the movements implemented in this game were rather stiff (linear rather than smooth). Will improve in future projects. Thanks for the feedback! 

Simple pixel art, but very compelling story telling and is visually stunning.  I remember reading a manga about the back story of Yuyuko, which echos with what you have shown in this game.

Then moment when the on screen instruction says "Play", yet Yuyuko ends up killing the grandpa/ma with her power made me feel things (as mentioned by White Pikmin earlier). 

 I wish the game isn't that challenging though. I go stuck at one stage and I still can't clear the stage at this moment. Probably because I'm a bad player though. Will try again to see end of the story. 

Thank you for playing my game!

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)