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Hi Burbsies,

Thanks for sharing those tracks on Spotify. It sounds like you and your friend are very talented! As I develop games, I'll definitely keep both of you in mind for music production. If you get a chance, you can check out the (bad) games I'm tinkering with here

Hi all! I'm just curious, are there any Gamemaker programmers out there with a portfolio that would be willing to collaborate on a game jam? If the game jam works out well, it would be great to consider working together on more projects. I'm somewhat new to the game development space and I would like to learn more by collaborating with someone.

I have some experience making incomplete games in Gamemaker.

Awesome game! I absolutely loved it. It was satisfying collecting resources, and I loved the beauty of the universe. The ending was very unexpected! I hope you all make more games!!! You should seriously consider selling this game.

Thanks for making this game. The game had a good pace. I worried that I was going in the wrong direction a few times, but a piece of memorabilia always showed up right when I started to worry. 

Also, that mysterious figure was creepy!


Thanks! My wife helped with the artwork. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Thanks for the feedback. :) I am glad you enjoyed it!

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I am not sure if I can submit this game to this challenge since I started working on it a few weeks before I knew about the 7DRL jam, but I figure it will be great to get some feedback on this Rougelike.

You crashed in a "Sea", you must get to the rescue ship

Be careful, interesting creatures lurk in these waters.

Tons of fun!

This game is a ton of fun! I am going to play it more when I just need to unwind. It brought back nostalgic memories of collecting tapes in the Tony Hawk video games.The look of the game seems to take inspiration from amazing games like Superflight. Heck, even the "never-ending" mechanic seems similar to Superflight. Well done, Squid Squad!

I had fun with this one. I kinda want to spend more time painting in it.

Fun quick game! I like the concept and the voice acting. Great job!