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Mark Alan

A member registered Sep 16, 2016

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Is the dungeon layout randomly-generated each time you play?

Artifacto community · Created a new topic Question

I noticed the floor keeps changing, so I curious as to how you play the game.

You're welcome.  Do you need the numbers for the top two maps, or are you able to identify them?

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Here's a Ridiculous Difficulty with the same exact problem.  2 unused canals that are next to each other.

Cherry Creek community · Created a new topic Unused Canals

I solved a "Hardcore" with two unused canals. Does this mean there's more than one solution? Shouldn't all the canals be used?

Is the map randomly generated or is it preset?

Windows Defender in Win 10 considers this download a suspicious file.

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There is a couple of problems with Unity keeping the resolution always on 720 x 400 every time you play the game.

Window mode only works on the Menu screen, but when you start playing the game,  then it reverts to  the low-res full screen again.

Also, the Return to Menu button, takes you back to the Start screen instead of the Menu.

Unfortunately, level 4 of 4x4 does not have enough clues to provide a correct solution.

Are the levels randomly generated like Meganoid?

How do you change the size of the map?

There's no choice but small.

I'm having a problem with the game become deactivated every time I run CCleaner.

Please help.

I encountered a problem where my character walks through some zombies without getting killed.  And there's one with a metal hat that I cannot kill with the rifle.

First, when I download Dungeonlike archive in Google Chrome, I get the message "Dungeonlike v.03.1.exe in not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous."    So I select "Keep" to download the archive to my desktop.  Then Panda Anti-Virus intercepts it by deleting the archive giving me the following message:  "Virus detected W32/Exploit.gen".  Hope that helps.

Dungeonlike community · Created a new topic Virus
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Google Chrome and Panda Anti-Virus regard your archive as a virus.

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Windows Version Doesn't Start (Windows 7)

Don't worry about a refund.  It was a gift from a friend.  

I later discovered  you can right-click on the executable file and set the Compatibility tab to "Windows XP" for it to work correctly.

I already uninstalled it since it didn't work.

A command prompt?  Is this a DOS game?

Game won't start.  I have Window 7 64

Thank you James!  I will try the update.

Thank you.

Dinoku community · Created a new topic Steam Key?

Can we get a Steam key if we purchased this game?

Thank you!  I'm looking forward to the Steam version coming out this month.

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Hi James,

Sorry, I edited my post.  I meant is there a way to make the map larger?

I have problems viewing it, because it's so tiny.

Thank you.

I tried the demo (which is the new version), and the right-click does not always mark the tile the first time.

Is there any chance of adding a Window Mode?

Thank you.

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Wonderful game. 

 I'm just wondering if there's a way to make it larger to see.

I'm close to finishing it.  So thank you for trying.

Great Game!

Dinoku community · Created a new topic Random Generation?

Is it possible for you add a Random Generation for Infinite Play?

I had an occurrence where I was not able to enter  the portal from the south side. 

The portal was  surrounded by three walls on the west, north and east sides.

So I blew up the wall on the left side of the portal and was able to enter the portal from the west side.

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Hi Marcos,

Steam has an "Early Access" feature for games that are not yet complete.

Even though I believe your game is complete, you could place it in "Early Access".

And let people who purchase your game know you're  adding more features.

Best Wishes