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Mark Alan

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Where is the demo?

Li'l Taffer community · Created a new topic Thank You!

Thank you for this, David.  Wishing you and your twin a Merry Christmas! 

Does this come with a Steam key?

Fun game, but has problem with realtek audio.  Sounds garbled.  Also, have to click several times on words to place them.  Hope they fix these problems soon.

Where's the demo?

What a fantastic game ! ! !

Can't wait to try this out!  Your games are the best! 

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Hi there,

What is the difference between the demo and the full game on Steam?

Pathological Tires community · Created a new topic Typo
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In the Overview, the word "fasted" should be spelled "fastest".

It's fixed in the current version.

It's fixed in the current version.

Does it come with a Steam key?

Where is it?

One other undocumented shortcut is the 'Q' key, which takes the player back to the main menu.  The current game can be resumed from here, except if you quit.

Hi Chris,

On the Gamepad Tester website, when I press the left button on the D-pad, it looks like the first picture.

The website identifies my controller as a Logitech.

For the X-box mode, it looks like the third picture below.

The second picture is how it appears  when I press anything on the controller.

Hope that helps,


 picture below:

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It seems odd when an enemy is hiding underneath the person who receives the quest item.  You can't see them, but you still must defeat them before handing over the quest item.

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Sometimes your quest is to destroy a particular enemy.  That enemy may drop a collectable which cannot be picked up, because a pop-up screen forces you to the next quest.  It would be nice if the player was allowed the choice to get the collectable and gather other resources for the next quest?

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It's not documented in the Keyboard Information that your character can move diagonally.  This is very important for fleeing a fight, since the enemy cannot move diagonally.  Also it minimizes movement, which consumes food.  it's strange that the keypad does not work for movement, since it incorporates all directions.  Instead, you have to use the Home/End and Page Up/Down keys which is not intuitive.  Note: mouse-clicking doesn't allow you to move diagonally.  The convenient Spacebar can also be used for selecting items and closing pop-up messages.  Also, the Delete key can drop a selected item, which is much simpler than having to press Alt + 1-5 every time.  Finally, the F11 key can be used to toggle Window/Fullscreen.

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Constant text bubbles hide two of my five hearts.  So I cannot tell if they are depleted or not.  It would be helpful to press the spacebar to clear these lingering messages.

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I have a Windows PC and my Logitech game controller does not work with your game.  But my controller is recognized on on my chrome browser:

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That would be  fantastic!  By the way, the music you composed is very good!

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You're welcome.  I own the Steam version of your game, and was curious if there was a keyboard command for "End Turn".

Does anyone have a list of all the Keyboard command for this game?


This is a great logic puzzle in the Everett Kaser tradition.  Just one recommendation.  Could you add an option to disable the highlights to make it more challenging?

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You're very welcome.  I know how difficult it can be for an indie developer.  Big Fish Games has been selling games around the world for many years. 

Hi Fewjix, I could not find another way to contact you, but I wanted to help your sales on "Isometric Nonogram".  There isn't much profit on Steam and they take most of your royalties.  Since your game has a window mode and runs in different resolutions, there's a casual-games portal that loves nonogram games called "Big Fish Games" you could submit your game to:  They publish many Steam games on their website, and they are popular around the world.  I'm not sure what they currently pay, but I found this older article which is a guideline for submission here:

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Random Level 46540676 M4A6  Requires Guesswork:

Thank you!

I was referred to the page for a demo.  I cannot find any link to download it.

How many Nurikabe levels are there?  Is this randomly generated?